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Pricing Drywall: A Quick Cost Comparison

Almost any large home improvement project requires that you hire someone to hang drywall. There's just no way around it. Drywall contractors vary in the prices they charge, however...Read more about Drywall Price



4 Easy Designer Touches with Drywall

Styles of drywall have changed a lot over the years. Using drywall techniques to add new architectural or design touches, or simply retexturing ceilings and walls...Read on about Designer Drywall



Drywall Filling and Cracks

Drywall is cheap, light, and easy to install. Drywall also doesn't crack as easily the plaster walls in older homes, but it's far from impervious. Whether your drywall is old...Read more about Drywall Cracks



Chinese-Made Drywall Destroying Homes, Causing Health Concerns

Whether you've heard the rumor or are looking for more details, this is what you need to know about the recent discovery of toxic drywall that has been manufactured, imported...Read more about Chinese-Made Drywall

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