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Home Remodeling and Repair Study - Q1 2009

In these challenging economic times, reasons for optimism may seem few and far between— especially in the housing sector. The Q1 2009 installment of HomeAdvisor's...Read more about Home Remodeling and Repair Study - Q1 2009

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Home Foreclosures: The New American Lemon

Although most commonly associated with automobiles, the term "lemon" comes from the beginning of the 20th century and indicates any item sold in substandard condition...Read more about Home Foreclosures: The New American "Lemon"

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A Home Maintenance Recipe for an Enjoyable Holiday Season

Think of home maintenance around the holidays as a little like cooking Christmas dinner. Sure you're busy with the mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and sweet...Read more about Home Maintenance

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Eat Your Vegetables: Necessary Home Maintenance Chores that You Love to Hate

Eating your vegetables is a lot like keeping up on basic home maintenance. When it came to eating your greens, your Mom knew what she what she was talking about, and then...Read more about Maintenance & Chores

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