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by Marcus Pickett

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With alternating Texas sun and Gulf Coast rain, your pool can be subjected to rapidly changing conditions that require the most stringent of maintenance practices. Still, with no real winter, a properly maintained pool can be a great year-round source of home enjoyment. From relaxing siestas to strenuous water treading, swimming, and exercise, here's an opportunity to learn about simple swimming pool maintenance in Houston and the opportunity to contact local Houston swimming pool professionals for problems with your pool installation.

Basics of Swimming Pool Maintenance in Houston, TX
As most homeowners know, the first step in good pool maintenance is water purity, particularly chlorine and pH levels. Do you and your pool a favor: buy a water testing kit along with your chemical treatments, and use it. If you use your pool every day, you should check your water every day. For less frequent use, you'll still want to check your water purity at least every few days. It's important to realize that it's better to err on the side of over chlorinating your pool. Many more problems can arise from low levels of chlorine than high ones. In fact, many homeowners believe small problems, such as minor eye irritations, are created from high chlorine levels when the exact opposite is true.

Other daily pool maintenance should include checking the filter pressure, strainer basket, and general assembly of the pump and hoses. Each week, or more often as needed, clean your pool walls and lining with a brush or automatic pool cleaner. Unfortunately, even diligent homeowners can find their pool in trouble from even seemingly minor problems. A loose hose, a failing pump, and an outdated filtration system can all be problems that ruin your best schedule of swimming pool maintenance. Worse yet, it may be difficult to determine what can be dealt with on its own, and what requires professional service.

Houston Swimming Pool Maintenance, Repair, and Remodeling
Of course, one solution to this problem is to bundle pool problems that may be beyond your ability to fix and consider new pool installations. It may be time to do a little more than simply maintain your old pool installation. First, for pools that have seen quite a few years it may be time to replace your pool pump or filtration system. Particularly, older above-ground pools used to be installed with inadequate filtration assemblies. For better convenience and performance, consider pool accessories such as automatic pool cleaners, pool covers, pool fences, and pool heaters. For a more luxurious pool, you might think about a full pool remodel, including a pool deck or patio and beautiful pool landscaping.

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Cost of Houston Swimming Pool Maintenance
Naturally, each type of pool service has a different cost associated with it. Few things are as frustrating as having a beautiful pool that you can't use because of a seemingly simple problem that gets out of hand. Before your pool problem ends up ruining your summer, you should at least talk to a Houston pool professional. Many contractors will offer you free advice in the hope of soliciting your future business. Likewise, pool contractors who service your pool once may offer you discounts in the future for repeat business. To avoid the worst of any sticker shock, HomeAdvisor has tracked and compiled data on all sorts of pool projects in Houston and around the country. Here's a rundown of the average cost of each project.

Houston Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning: $275
Houston Swimming Pool Repair: $1,000
Houston Swimming Pool Covers: $750
Houston Swimming Pool Heaters: $2,000
Houston Swimming Pool Remodeling: $10,000

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