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Few contractors are as versatile and important to general home improvement as finish carpenters. Good finish carpentry is often the most important piece of an addition or...Read more about :
Finish Carpenter

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Picture Prefect: House Framing Facts
A house's frame is what keeps it from falling down. It is composed of beams that are joined together to form the "bones" of the structure. While a solid frame with a good...Read more about House Framing
Friday April 15, 2016 11:52 MDT

Don't Settle for a Liquor Cabinet, Put in a Home Wet Bar
While a liquor cabinet provides better storage than throwing your liquor bottles under the sink, a home wet bar will give your setting the full culture of entertainment with...Read more about Wet bar
Wednesday April 13, 2016 14:26 MDT

Calculating Square Footage
At one time or another most homeowners need to figure out the square footage of their home, lot, or even a single room. Whether you're getting ready to sell, just want to know...Read more about calculating square footage
Friday November 14, 2014 08:46 MST

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Our Center for Carpentry is our version of all the little forgotten projects that are hard to classify. Carpentry is a big area, and even though home improvement is segmented into siding, roofing, plumbing, drywall, electrical, etc, it is sometimes difficult for homeowners to know how to classify every little project. As a result our Carpentry Center was created as a catchall for people to look up information on smaller projects like built in cabinets, wood trim, crown molding, drywall, framing walls, and the list goes on. As a rule, a carpenter can do almost anything, but there are some projects that will only be done by carpenters.

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