Have a Bird in Your Belfry? The Pros Are Here to Help

by Marc Dickinson

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    Pest Control

    When one hears the phrase pest control, we often associate it with the removal of termites, carpenter ants, or cockroaches. However, we usually don't think about our feathered friends as being a nuisance. But, if we've learned anything from Hitchcock movies, we know the threat they can create. In fact, bird problems are actually quite common. Gutters and chimneys become popular nesting grounds. They find ways inside attics or get trapped in ventilation systems. Woodpeckers love to tap into siding. Mud swallows enjoy building homes within your eaves. And if you live near a watering hole, such as a pond or lake, geese tend to congregate quickly. But not to worry: these aviary irritations can be quickly eliminated once you call the proper removal specialists.

    Humane Extermination
    Bird control experts are not necessarily exterminators. In fact, these professionals rarely use lethal methods to get rid of bothersome vermin. Instead, their official term is wildlife management and removal professionals. They can handle any bird problem relating to any particular species by using humane trapping procedures. Once they catch the animal, they then simply relocate it to a more suitable natural environment. But it doesn't end there. Since birds leave behind a dangerous mess, these bird control pros are qualified to thoroughly clean up and sanitize contaminated areas. Plus, they can also install preventative equipment to thwart future infestation.

    A Real House Hazard
    Not only are bird problems annoying with all the chirping and pounding, they can also leave behind some serious safety issues.
    Damage: These animals will peck at your home and penetrate your siding. These holes are ugly, but they also create structural damage and increase the chance of water infiltration. Therefore, most pest control contractors are trained to seal up and secure these openings.
    Defacement: Droppings are always unsightly and need immediate cleanup. But more importantly, droppings are also very acidic, which means they'll stain and spoil a home's exterior if not taken care of immediately.
    Health Risks: Birds carry and harbor other insects that can cause additional damage to your home. Plus, their feces contain different diseases and parasites that can easily spread throughout the house. So to protect your family, bird control specialists are suitably qualified to remove and disinfect any lingering health hazards.

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    Prepare for the Future
    Bird control experts not only remove the animal and fix any recent damage; they can also install special equipment to prevent it from happening again. Some homeowners install plastic owls and snakes around the house or invest in ultrasonic sound transmitters to remove any potential temptation. But birds are pretty smart and very persistent, which can make these items quickly ineffective and obsolete. Therefore, bird control contractors have access to unique equipment to keep out the fowl.
    Netting: Putting up some small, thin nets around your eves is a very popular way to prohibit the animal from building nests on your house.
    Chimney Caps and Screens: Flues, ductwork, and attic vents are often left vulnerable to vermin. So installing small screens over any ventilation opening can help to block entry into the home.
    Spikes and Shock Strips: These passive products are humane ways to keep flying pests from setting up shop around the house since they obstruct any potential "landing strips," such as gutters or other ledges.

    Marc Dickinson has worked in both the general contracting and landscaping trades and is currently a home improvement freelance writer with over 300 articles published.
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