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Cedar vs. Pine: What Are the Benefits of Each?

Left/Bottom: bruceman / E+ / Getty Images Right/Top: Jose A. Bernat Bacete / Moment / Getty Images Reviewed by Andy Kilborn, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.Written by HomeAdvisor. If you’re deciding between cedar and pressure-treated pine, both have their strengths. Cedar is a more durable and attractive choice but can get pricey for those…

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gold in a pan during the gold rush

San Francisco and the 1849 Gold Rush

The California Gold Rush was an important part of American history and in the shaping of the country itself. The discovery of gold in Northern California fueled a massive movement westward and to the city of San Francisco in particular. The motto of the State of California, “Eureka”, was inspired by the gold rush. It…

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Lumber Calculator

This free lumber estimator gives you a tool to calculate how much lumber you need for your project. Find out what a board foot is, how to measure it and estimate how much wood you need for your deck, flooring or framing project. Board Feet vs. Linear Feet Lumberyards normally deal in board feet, particularly…

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wood vs vinyl windows

Wooden vs. Vinyl Windows: What Are the Differences?

The biggest difference between wood versus vinyl windows is the material. Wood windows are made with natural materials, while vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They have many differences, particularly in appearance, price, and durability. In this article: What Are Wood Windows? What Are Vinyl Windows? Appearance Cost Upkeep Durability Installation Life Span…

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Concrete counter with bright ingredient flat lay

DIY Countertops You Can Make in a Weekend

Gorgeous modern countertops in your kitchen or bathroom may look challenging to complete yourself, but finishing with warm wood or cool concrete can be done by a DIYer with a little vision and know-how. Here’s an overview of how to install beautiful countertop options yourself. DIY Concrete Countertops Pouring a concrete countertop can definitely be…

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Wood shelves around fireplace

Wooden Shelf Life: Wood Shelf Benefits and Upkeep

Wood can look good in any setting, and a wood shelf can compliment any decorating scheme from classic to contemporary, depending on how you use it. Wood is a time tested and approved building material; it is aesthetically flexible, very durable, and brings a sense of authenticity to any room it is placed in. Wooden…

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House frame

Carpentry Frame

Carpentry framing is the basic building skill of new construction and almost every remodeling or addition project. To put it simply, carpentry framing refers to the construction of the “skeletal” system of a structure, or the system of supports that form the structure of a house. By itself, a piece of framing is rather weak….

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Wood Veneer in Bathroom

Customize Woodwork with Wood Veneer

Unfortunately, many manufacturers mass produced wood products that have given veneer a bad name. They’ve accomplished this feat by using inferior veneers and adhesives on everything from doors, floors, cabinetry, and furniture. The truth is that wood veneer is not a second rate product and it should not be used deceptively to make lower value…

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House Trim Options

Whether a home has wood, stucco, brick or stone siding, the fascia, soffits and trim around doors and windows are traditionally wood. Wood is second-to-none for decorative materials, and for most homeowners, the primary function of exterior house trim is to accent the architecture and increase curb appeal. Since trim requires less building material than…

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