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Green grass

Go Green at Home! For Kids & Adults

Going green is not just some kind of catch phrase that people around the world are using: It is a real way to save the planet’s environment and save your family money as well. Most people do not realize how financially beneficial it can be to learn how to recycle or conserve energy. By following…

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Home fitness room

Exercise at Home with Your Home Fitness Equipment

Everybody’s trying to get into or stay in shape. Ironically, today’s frequently high-paced lifestyle leaves little time to get that all-important cardio workout. Even taking the stairs everywhere is rarely sufficient to keep your body where you want it. You could buy an expensive membership at a commercial gym, but not only do the membership…

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Standalone Garage

Garage Home Office in 4 Easy Steps

82% of homes have a garage that is at least a two-car garage, yet only 15% of people park their cars in them, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Could there be a better use for yours? The garage home office is a trend that was becoming popular in the late 90s as…

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Playground Germs

Playground Germs: How Dirty Are They?

Playgrounds are a terrific place for kids to get some exercise, have fun, and make new friends. But alarmingly, they can also be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria – some of which may have the potential to make your child sick. To see which types of germs tend to lurk on playground…

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

The joy of emerging from your home after a few cool months can quickly be negated when you see the things in need of repair. This list can help keep your spring cleaning projects in order. And, if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, consider calling on professional help in the form of an organizer, maid service…

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Home Office Design

Designing a Home Office to Fit Your Lifestyle

These days, more and more people are taking the bold step of doing at least part of their job at home. A 30-second commute has a lot of appeal, but increasingly, people are opting to work at home in order to create a more humane schedule that allows for more flexibility to attend to family…

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7 Steps to a Backyard Playground for Kids

A yard offers enough room for kids to explore and grow without being too far from supervision. Installing a home playground is one way to encourage children to exercise and have fun outdoors. As with anything, however, the best backyard playgrounds are those that have been properly planned out. When changing the landscape of your…

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Generator Repair

Just like anything else, a generator can malfunction or fall into disrepair. However, because they are the item you count on in an emergency, generator repair is extremely important if you want something dependable powering your home when disaster strikes. Keeping your generator in good working order is a dual process of regular maintenance and…

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Solar panels on tile roof

Solar Panels Soak Up the Savings

In today’s eco-conscious world, it’s almost impossible to ignore the need for conservation. Fuel costs are on the rise. Utility bills keep surging. And we’re the ones who keep paying the price. But as we all know, things will get more expensive until we learn how to tap into available renewable resources, such as solar…

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Roof solar panels

Saving By Spending: Invest in an Energy Audit

Today, many homeowners are just as concerned with how their home performs as they are with how it looks. Though there are certainly plenty of popular improvements and renovations that focus on home energy efficiency, knowing which projects are going to do the most good for the least money in your situation can be difficult….

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