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Engineered Hardwood Floor Closeup

The Complete Guide to Laminate vs Engineered Wood Flooring

Left: © bradleyhebdon / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty images. Right: © Tuomas Lehtinen / Moment / Getty images. Is engineered hardwood the same as laminate? No, it’s not. While both are popular human-made flooring materials, there are significant differences. Engineered wood is topped with a veneer of real hardwood, so it’s hard…

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Laminate floor closeup

Laminate Flooring vs. Hardwood – What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

Left/Top: ©Tuomas Lehtinen / Moment / Getty images. Bottom/Right: © Zephyr18 / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images. The difference between laminate and hardwood flooring is more than just cost. Both are acceptable floor coverings, and each has applications it’s best-suited to. Laminate can be installed in basements, kids’ spaces and wet areas where hardwood will not…

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Entryway at Night

How Do I Create an Inviting Night-Time Entrance?

Q: Our new home has an awful, bright security light out in front. I’d like to create a more appealing entry after dark. Where do I start? A: The curbside entry to any home is equally important, day or night, if visitors are to feel welcome. Unfortunately security lights sap both color and ambiance, making…

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Your Entryway: First Impressions of a Home’s Interior

Too often people don’t take the time to properly consider and adorn their home’s entryway. This is because the entryway is a hallway and not a room in the house. Yet, you should remember that an entryway is the first impression a visitor has of a home’s interior. It needs to be functional but also…

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Entryway foyer

Make a Stylish Entrance

An attractive, welcoming entrance does more to greet friends and family than any other element of your home’s exterior. But, don’t forget that your entrance is much more than just your front door. Your walkways, your landscaping, your lighting and your front porch are all part of that first entry impression. Most front entrances do…

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