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home of seven famous people

The Many Homes of 7 Famous People

The homes of the rich and famous have moved beyond a subject of mild curiosity, becoming a genuine part of pop culture. The media has allowed us to get a peek behind the (usually) closed doors, providing inspiration for our own homes – or items to add to our wish lists. But there’s often an…

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Front of dilapidated home with remodeling equipment in yard

How to Make a Fixer Upper Work For You

The prospect of buying a home for far less than it’s worth and then investing in necessary renovations seems like an ideal situation. However, if the minor repairs you are expecting transform into significant issues, your dream of owning a beautiful home can soon turn into a nightmare-inducing reality. Therefore, before getting too deep into…

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the simpsons home

Reimagining The Simpsons’ Home in 8 Popular Architectural Styles

What better way to demonstrate America’s diverse architectural styles than through the country’s most infamous family — The Simpsons? The Simpson family residence is instantly familiar to all, yet their dwelling could have been completely different if they’d embraced one of these popular housing styles. 1. Tudor Tudor housing is perhaps one of the most…

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Modular Homes

Modular homes are housing units constructed section by section in a controlled setting, transported to the site for final assembly, and comply with the same local and state building codes as conventional home building. Although the basic premise behind modular house construction has been around since the 19th century, the practice really came into its…

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your own home from around the world

Build Your Own Home From Around the World

Ever heard the phrase “make a house a home?” We wanted to explore what truly makes up the home by deconstructing different houses from around the world, paper model style. Think back to your childhood. Did you ever cut out your own little village? Bring back those memories with our series of photo manipulations, and…

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Homes in a row in a neighborhood

Why Low Housing Inventory Leads to High Home Improvement Spending

Home shoppers around the country are frustrated. There aren’t enough homes for sale that meet their needs, and those that are available are often the subject of high price bidding wars. It’s no wonder that so many homeowners – Baby Boomers in particular — are finding it more sensible to stay in their current home…

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Custom built home in progress

3 Things You Need to Consider Before Building a Home

Thinking of building the home of your dreams instead of buying one already on the market? Not so fast. There’s research to be done, and it’s vital to the success of your project. Consider these three things before planning out your dream home and affecting your financial security. Remember Your Resale Value While it’s important…

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New Home Production is Falling Behind

May 24, 2017 The latest monthly data on new home sales showed a bit of a pullback, but the overall trend continues to be solidly positive.  The spring selling season is going extremely well for most builders, and pricing power for them is proving to still be strong so far, even in the face of…

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Woman at home working on her laptop

Home Safety and Security Advice for Solo Female Homeowners

Did you know that 53.2 percent of single home buyers are women? You are in good company if you are one of them. Not only are these purchasing powerhouses helping the economy, but they are empowering a whole generation of women to build equity (and therefore, net worth) by owning a home. Living alone —…

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Rainbow flags hanging from the balconies of an old house

How to Create an LGBTQ-Friendly Neighborhood

Through simple demonstrations of solidarity, welcoming, and active support of LGBTQIAPK businesses and services, you and your neighbors can make it known that you support them and are invested in their happiness.

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