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Disaster Safety and Prevention: Protecting Your Home and Family

No matter where your home is located, there will always be the threat of some kind of natural disaster. You won’t always be able to predict when they will occur, but you can take steps to protect your home, and in turn, your family. The following guide will provide advice and resources on securing your…

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What to do when your home floods.

Five Home Projects to Address Immediately After Your House Has Flooded

The impact a Category 3 or 4 hurricane can have on your most valuable asset – your home – can be disastrous, and incredibly overwhelming. Depending on the storm and its staggering effects, homeowners might face a number of devastating problems: from feet of standing water in the living room, to trees and debris spread…

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New Home Production is Falling Behind

May 24, 2017 The latest monthly data on new home sales showed a bit of a pullback, but the overall trend continues to be solidly positive.  The spring selling season is going extremely well for most builders, and pricing power for them is proving to still be strong so far, even in the face of…

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Modern cottage-inspired home with clean lines and wood wall feature

Famous Architectural Structures, Buildings, and Designs Throughout the World

All around the world, there are famous buildings and structures that are awe-inspiring in the complexity or simplicity of their design. While it isn’t uncommon to see a unique homes around the world, some architectural accomplishments, ranging from ancient to modern times, stand out from the rest. These structures, which include buildings, monuments, and coliseums,…

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Tap dripping in bathroom

Leaky Pipes: Water Waste in Your Home

Saving water will ensure that there’s enough to go around for your community and for future generations. The best way to prevent drought and water waste is to use water efficiently. Fortunately, becoming an efficient user of water is as easy as following these simple suggestions given below. These tips will concern outdoor water use…

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couple painting the wall in living room

The Definitive Home Maintenance Checklist (+ Printables)

Photo: RgStudio / E+ / Getty Images Maintaining your home can feel like a full-time job. As chores change on a monthly and seasonal basis, it’s hard to remember everything that needs to be done. Keeping a regular home maintenance checklist and schedule will ensure that your house is in order year-round. Spending time each…

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Relaxing firepit

Room By Room Stress Reducers for Your Home

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can be linked to a whole slew of problems including chest pain, high blood pressure, depression, crying spells, and relationship conflict. The Institute of Science, Technology, and Public Policy (ISTPP) tells us that, “Ninety percent of disease is caused or complicated by stress.” Obviously, stress is something that shouldn’t…

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