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Wooden hobby board

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own At-Home Hobby Workshop

Image via Pixabay Whether you’re an avid crafter or a car enthusiast who fixes up old classics on weekends, having a dedicated work space is essential to artisans of all sorts. Even if the square footage in your home is limited, creating your dream workshop is not as far out of reach as you may…

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Chalkboard with illustrated math problems

Home-Schooling Help: Math Games and Resources

Are you a home schooling parent struggling to keep your kids focused on math? Many kids would much rather be playing their favorite sport, talking with their friends, or playing a video game than learning their multiplication tables. These distractions are that much harder to avoid when they’re within reach. One of the ways you…

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Deer standing at the edge of the woods

Hunting Safety at Home and Beyond

Deer hunting can be a thrilling activity that involves spending time in rural settings waiting for the opportunity to harvest a deer. Many hunters hone their skills season after season, using advanced techniques to tag their game. If you are just starting out as a new hunter, there’s no reason why you can’t be successful….

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Home Hobbies: Coin Collecting

Did you know that coin collecting isn’t just for adults? Many kids have started their own collections just by checking out the change they have in their rooms or coins their parents may set down on the counter when they get home at the end of the day. Coin collecting can help you learn more…

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Homeowner talking to contractor

Using Home Inspections to Your Advantage

Whether you are moving in or out, your home inspection report is a tool that will be of great value to you. If you think about it, you have paid someone to do a fairly comprehensive diagnostic test on your home, and their results are yours to keep. This article is designed to educate both…

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What Makes Homeowners Happy?

The Numbers Behind Being Happy In Your Home

Published September 2016 HomeAdvisor surveyed nearly 18,000 homeowners to find out where the happiest homeowners live and what makes them the happiest in their home. If you are planning a home improvement project, use this guide to happiness to determine the next project to focus on. Download the infographic here and get the code to…

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Junk Removal Company

Choosing the Right Garbage Removal Service: Ten Questions to Ask

Nobody wants it, but everybody has it. And when you renovate your home or upgrade your appliances, you’ll have a lot. That’s one reason why garbage removal is one of the hottest industries today. But with all the listings out there, how do you choose the right service for your needs? Here are some questions…

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Toilet Seat Battle of the Sexes

Home Habits & Preferences – Men vs Women

In a gust of good luck, you’ve finally found the perfect person to live with. Someone to share all the expenses and household chores. Things couldn’t get any better. Slowly, though, you start to notice little things – the thermostat has been set five degrees lower than you’d like, and a pile of dirty dishes…

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Master Craftsmen From Fiction

Call Upon the Master Craftsmen

Craftsmanship is an art! Whether you’re building canoes, forging mythical weapons, or building a time machine, no matter how big or small your craft is you should take pride in it! This infographic is a celebration of fictional craftsmen and women who take their work to another, higher level. They’re more than professionals – some…

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Portals Infographic by HomeAdvisor

Welcome to Another Realm: Your Guide to Portals

When you’re a reader or fantasy adventurer, you can travel across time and space to another realm pretty easily (remarkably easily, actually). Keep an eye out for these mystical portals and doors to other worlds before you accidentally step into Narnia, Hyrule, Draenor, Eternia, or Cybertron. Keep in mind when you’re waltzing through cities, like…

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