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Lush Backyard Swimming Pool

Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools: What’s the Difference?

Left/Top: © anucha sirivisansuwan / Moment/Getty Images. Right/Right: © Changyu Lu / Moment / Getty Images. Chlorine and saltwater are the two most popular pool systems. And whether you have an above-ground or inground pool, you need to know how to keep the water clean and safe. Saltwater is a healthy, environmentally friendly option and…

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Girl holding non-poisonous plants/herbs outside

A Gardener’s Guide to Poisonous Plants

Poisonous plants can grow virtually anywhere, from remote fields and forests to parks and backyards. Spending time outdoors relaxing or having fun can lead to unexpected contact with poisonous plants, which could harm both humans and pets. This guide will help you identify these in your yard to make it a safe place for your…

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Girl Swinging At Playground

Home Playground Remodels: Keep Your Kids Safe

Fresh air and time on a swing set or playground can create memories for children that last a lifetime. However, injuries and trips to the hospital may make memories that are more bitter than sweet. Statistics show that about 200,000 children end up in the emergency room each year due to injuries that could be…

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Close-Up Of Arrows On Target

Ultimate Guide to Backyard Archery

Unlike putting greens, hockey rinks, and soccer fields, building a backyard archery range doesn’t require extensive amounts of time, money, or do-it-yourself expertise. There are only a few pieces of equipment to buy or make as well as a few key concerns to address. However, just because the process isn’t as complicated doesn’t mean careful…

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Reflection of suburban home in stormwater flood

Stormwater: Best Practices for Homeowners

When rain and snowmelt flow freely over the land without seeping into the soil, it’s called stormwater runoff. Although this is a natural occurrence, vegetation has always been the natural remedy to ensure that stormwater is adequately absorbed. With the overabundance of development that has reduced naturally absorbent vegetation, stormwater runoff has become a problem. But…

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Family playing soccer in backyard
Mother and son using digital tablet in backyard tent

Backyard Camping for Kids with Disabilities

For outdoor enthusiasts who also happen to be parents, taking the kids camping for the first time is an almost-intoxicating experience. Seeing their eyes light up at a night sky full of stars or the dancing flames of a bonfire can reignite your sense of wonder at the natural world all around us. Of course,…

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Mudslide Safety for the Home: How to Assess Your Risk and Take Preventative Action

Disasters like the devastating California wildfires have brought the mounting dangers of Mother Nature home for many Americans. But the damage doesn’t just stop with the scorched trees and damaged bushes across hundreds of thousands of acres: widespread fires create perfect conditions for mudslides. The ground needs plant life to create structure for moist dirt…

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Woman spraying flowers in the garden

Gardening Hacks to Protect and Nourish Your Plants

Updated October 2017 Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a beautiful lawn, spread across a few thousand square feet or a small one in your backyard or even a vertical garden (backlink to vertical garden article). But they all have a common enemy: pests and weeds. These can reduce your beautiful…

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