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Updated July 30, 2018

TV Wiring

The world of household communications systems has grown immensely since the basic doorbells and telephone lines of the 20th century due to the quickly expanding and highly improved technology of today. Though some homeowners might not be too concerned about the technical aspects of the cable wiring inside and leading to their homes, many of us are becoming better informed when it comes to what type of wiring is used in certain situations.

It’s a good thing that our collective knowledge of the wiring in our homes is growing, as the complexity of these cables and wires has grown tremendously. With so many households in the U.S. becoming increasingly internet and media savvy, and the wide array of services now offered by communications companies, knowing something about your connections and your cable service is a must if you want to get the best kind of performance possible out of your communication and entertainment equipment.

About Cable Service

Authorized cable companies who own the lines have to bring the cable to a junction box outside the home. At that point, it is up to homeowners to decide who they want to run them and what they want to use them for – not just TV channels, but home phone and internet access, as well.

Cable, Wiring, and Conductors

“Wire” is a comprehensive term commonly used to refer to all types of cable and wire. Technically, an individual wire is called a single conductor; several single conductors twisted together or combined into a sheath make a cable.

The types of cables, wires, and connections in the American household are far more complex than those of a decade ago. The rise in popularity of home theater systems and introduction of HDTV alone has brought the world of cable wiring into the 21st century. In many cases, setting up these intricate systems properly can be a confusing task; the job becomes even more involved when you want your home theater system to connect and communicate with your home network. What used to be a simple plug and socket operation can now encompass a mass of cables, wires, and connections that can be intimidating to say the least.

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Professional Cable, Wiring, and Component Installation

Many homeowners, rather than dealing with the hassle and confusion of setting up these complex systems themselves, are deciding that this operation, much like installing plumbing or air conditioning ductwork, is a job best left to the professionals. As technology grows, so do the skills of today’s service providers. In addition to being able to make all of the right connections and setting up your system for optimal function and quality, modern contractors can also do the job of slightly altering a room so that your lightning fast internet and beautiful television images aren’t marred by the large amount of wires and cables leading to and between components of your home network.

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