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Geothermal heat pumps are becoming popular among homeowners for their limited-maintenance construction and ability to lower utilities. If you currently have a geothermal heat pump or are considering adding one to your home, use these five steps to ensure your system remains in good shape.

#1 Professional installation. It’s important to find a trustworthy HVAC company to install your system. Interior hardware is similar to standard heat pump configurations in that it requires ductwork, and air handlers that cost as much at $1,000+. The location and setup of your outdoor components will depend on the configuration of your yard. Also, it’s important that your heat pump matches the size of your house. Underpowered models will experience additional wear, while overpowered models will cost more to install and can increase your utility bills.

#2 Check Your Antifreeze. The antifreeze in your underground piping will ensure that your home is adequately heated or cooled. Have a pro check your antifreeze levels during other routine maintenance projects.

#3 Clean Your Air ducts. Dirty or damaged air ducts will cause your heat pump to work overtime, costing you more money and making it difficult to heat or cool your house. Before you install your geothermal heat pump, ask your pro to inspect your ducts for blockage, holes or other leak-causing culprits.

#4 Eliminate Debris. Dirt and excessive dust can damage your geothermal heat pump. Have your pro clean any mechanical parts during routine maintenance or installation.

#5 Check Antifreeze levels. Most geothermal piping comes in two varieties: high-density plastic and copper. These pipes run underground and normally don’t require maintenance. But it’s not a bad idea to check on their condition once every several years. If you’re having other work done on your system, schedule a quick pipe inspection as well.

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