Pressure & Power Washing Techniques for Deep Cleaning

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Updated October 17, 2017

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While the success of many household cleaning tasks simply depends on choosing the right cleanser for the job, there are some cases where the labor involved in removing a film or stain is just too much. Perhaps the stain is bound too tightly to the surface of what you want to clean, or the affected area is simply too large for vigorous hand scrubbing to be a viable option. If this scenario sounds familiar, your solution might require a bit more power.

Common Pressure Washing Situations

You may have seen professionals pressure washing, or maybe even done it yourself. For handling enormous cleaning tasks like buildings, walls, parking areas, heavy equipment, or even statues, a pressure washer is often the right tool for the job. Pressure washing is the preferred cleaning method for removing pollution and fuel emission residue on structures in urban areas. It is also an excellent method of removing mineral, lime, and hard water deposits. Homeowners, especially those who like to work on their own cars, will find that pressure washing is great for grease and oil stains in the garage or driveway; it can even remove graffiti!

DIY vs. Professional Pressure Washing

There is most likely a home improvement center or hardware store in you area that will rent you a pressure washer (or at least point you in the right direction to find someone who will). Make sure that you talk to the people you rent the machine from about the task you plan to use the pressure washer for to see if they have any advice about technique or particular cleaning solutions you can add to make the operation go smoother.

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In professional hands, this is an efficient, effective cleaning alternative that will often save money over more labor-intensive methods. If you’ve never used a pressure washer before and are unsure of how they work, you may consider hiring a professional for the job. Because of the amount of power involved in pressure washing, an inexperienced user can unintentionally cause a great deal of damage. Situations like cleaning windows or siding with a pressure washer require a delicate and skilled hand, so even if you are confident in cleaning stains from concrete in your driveway, you might consider hiring someone for these kinds of jobs as the cost far outweighs the risk of injury or damage to your home.

Power Washing Techniques

Power or high-pressure cleaning is a directed blast of internally heated water, often discharged at five gallons per minute, under up to 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. For specific cleaning and stain removals, certain chemicals or solvents are added. For specific or environmentally safe cleaning needs, there are several other blasting methods:

With soda blasting, there are the advantages of being environmentally safe, and no pre-masking is required. It cleans multi-layered surfaces, and it is non-corrosive and safe to perform around food equipment.

Sandblasting is intended for jobs that require some stripping and abrasion.

Dry ice blasting shoots dense dry ice pellets that turn to a harmless gaseous substance on impact. This option leaves an instantly dry surface, and it is also safe around food equipment.


  1. Jake Philips, December 28:

    You know very well the grinds of cleaning and maintaining a commercial property is never-ending. Commercial properties can quickly become rundown from significant traffic. A professional power washing company can help by providing a variety of pressure washing services, including roof cleaning, concrete cleaning and sealing, and parking lot cleaning. The power washing professionals will clean and treat every corner of your commercial property.

  2. Nat Wells, August 3:

    I have had it done a couple of times before. Satisfied with the first company but was high price.

  3. Clifton McGowan, July 30:

    How much should I expect to pay a professional to remove mold/mildew(?) from driveways, sidewalks, patio around my home. I’m guessing 1000 sq ft. I don’t want to call for an estimate yet but just trying to get an idea.

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