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Updated October 20, 2016

Bathroom towel storage

A common problem for bathrooms is towel storage. You don’t want to use up a lot of space to hang and store your towels, but more compact options require longer drying times that quickly create a moldy smell in your towels, increasing your laundry loads. If you place your towels inside your shower or on your curtain shower rod, you can minimize the space your bath towel takes up in the rest of your bathroom, but splashing can easily make these towels damp. Even if you move these towels away from the tub while you’re showering, once you hang them in the shower they can absorb lingering moisture, again lengthening drying time. It feels like a small problem, but it’s one that’s not easy to fix.

Wall-Mounted v. Free-Standing Towel Racks

Wall mounted towel racks give precious floor space back to your bathroom. They are simple, functional and allow other bathroom fixtures to come to the forefront of your bathroom’s décor. They are usually smaller and more vertically organized, meaning it can sometimes be difficult to effectively dry multiple towels on them.

Free-standing towel racks take up more space but will often allow towels to more spread out, making them easier to dry—pretty simple. If you think you have the space in your bathroom for a towel rack or just want to maximize this storage space, free-standing towel racks can also be fitted with small, auxiliary shelves. You can store small bathroom items here, reducing your need for extra cabinet space elsewhere in your bathroom.

More Towel Storing Options

Few towel storage options are as compact as a simple, hooked towel holder. They also cause your towel fibers to crumple together, making them hard to dry. That’s why they are usually used exclusively for hand towels.

A single towel rod can allow towels to dry individually. Unless you live by yourself or like doing laundry a lot, it’s best to have more than just a towel rod in your bathroom. If you have time to allow the towel to dry, it may be a good idea to store your towels in a cabinet and rotate a different one in each day.

Towel Warmers

These towel racks can do several things for your bath towels, bathroom, and your lifestyle. They will dry out your bath towels, your swimwear or winter wear, and control dampness for poorly ventilated bathrooms. Energy-efficient towel warmers can be cheaper to run than a light bulb.

A heated towel shelf will allow you to fold your towels in a compact space without creating that ugly, dank towel smell. Even more conventional towel warmers are usually designed to minimize storage space while still providing a viable place to hang your towels.

If you live in a cold climate, a towel radiator will help heat your bathroom. If you live in a warm climate, more subtle, radiant heating elements will keep your bathroom from getting too hot in the summer.

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