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Updated October 21, 2016


Throughout history, there have been few things more gratifying than a hot, home-cooked meal; the trouble is, with today’s busy schedules (for adults and kids, alike!), having everyone sit down to dinner at the same time is becoming increasingly difficult. If hastily warmed, less-than-fresh-tasting dinners are a frequent issue in your home, oven warming drawers are a viable solution.

Oven Warming Drawers vs. Microwaves

There’s a reason why we crave fresh from the oven meals: They taste good! Unfortunately, most of us who get home late depend on the microwave to warm our food. While microwaves are certainly convenient, when it comes to taste, oven warming drawers are the clear winner.

A warming drawer can retrofit into any cabinetry system and is a convenient way to keep food hot for up to four hours. Since they almost all come with humidity control vents which control airflow, these appliances can keep moist food moist, crisp food crisp, and tender food tender simply by adjusting it to the proper setting. With four hours of wiggle room, anyone in the house will be able to enjoy the type of meal worth sitting down for, even if it occurs well after the food was cooked.

Warming Drawer Uses

Oven warming drawers are the bee’s knees when it comes to enjoying a meal hours after it was prepared, and at no time do warming drawers prove their usefulness more than on special occasions. There’s nothing worse than preparing several dishes at once only to have some things burn, others become cold, while a few remain piping hot; this is why holidays, birthdays, and other occasions when plenty of hungry company is expected are prime times for warming drawers to show their stuff.

While some might imagine them being only for special occasions (which for some is reason enough to install them), warming drawer uses are everywhere. Want a hot dessert with your main course, but they bake at two different temperatures? A warming drawer can help. Want to keep your rolls hot throughout a meal without drying them out? Oven warming drawers are up to the task. Though they can cut your vegetables or butter your bread, oven warming drawers can be an extremely helpful addition to nearly any kitchen, and can make the task of cooking nearly any meal a little less daunting!

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Oven Warming Drawer Trimmings

Warming drawers are available with many modern features. They can come with removable pans, sectioned areas, and metal lids so that each dish, side, and serving can have their own heated home. Plus, you can have multiple racks which are easy to remove for quick cleaning. These appliances can also hold other cookware (pots and pans) and dinnerware (plates and bowls) if necessary. And for safety purposes, these machines arrive with an operating light and an automatic shut-off.

Installing Warming Drawers

Most models are made to fit into and act like a standard drawer; therefore, they tend to range between 27″-30″ and gently slide on ball bearing glides. But since oven warming drawers are installed right next to your pre-existing cabinetry, it’s important they match your home’s decorative style. Therefore, they’re available in all types of colors with any type of hardware in order to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. They can be black and white to match your dishwasher or stovetop. They can be wood paneled to match your cabinet and drawer faces. They can be stainless steel to match the fridge and oven. Often the controls, thermostats, and timers are hidden from view, and many ovens come with the option to install these units directly below so the two appliances blend with one another.

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  1. Rachel, July 9:

    My Whirlpool oven says that if it is installed above the warming drawer it must have a heat deflector. Is this necessary if each one sits on its own Shelf?

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