Natural Gas Grills

by Marcus Pickett

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No home or yard would be complete without an outdoor grill, but which one to choose: charcoal, propane, or natural gas? For casual or occasional grilling, charcoal or propane gas grills may be sufficient for your outdoor cooking needs, but for a reliable, hassle-free experience, a natural gas grill offers the kinds of advantages that you probably shouldn't overlook. Natural gas grills are inexpensive to operate, rarely fail, never run out of fuel, and give you a more temperature-controlled grill for superior cooking results.

Uses and Benefits of a Natural Gas Grill
Before you can get the most from your gas grill, you need to decide what size and style grill will match your needs. For twice-a-week evening dinners for you and your spouse you probably don't need to go overboard with a full, double-range grill. On the other hand, for a large family, neighborhood get-togethers, or the ability to throw a late summer party, splurging on a top-of-the-line grill may very well be worth it. More than simply throwing on burgers and dogs, you'll be able to cook a true feast all on your outdoor grill. Such investments may also warrant a little style. Instead of a free-standing grill, you might want to consider a built-in grill with a fully accommodating counter and storage.

Cost and Installation of Your Natural Gas Grill
Natural gas grills can be priced anywhere from $200 or $300 for a basic single basin grill or several thousand for a full gas grill range with shelving and all the accessories. More than the grill itself, you'll need to pay for its installation. Essentially, a gas run has to be installed from your house gas line out to the grill. The distance of the gas run will largely determine the cost of the installation.

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You should discuss with a licensed gas fitter about using a quick connect, which employs a flexible hose. With this system, you'll be able to easily connect and disconnect your gas feed, as well as move your natural gas grill around your yard should you need to rearrange your outdoor setup. Naturally, this installation service adds an additional cost, but it's also what affords you the benefits associated with a natural gas grill.

Backyard Landscaping and Installations
There's really not much point to buying a natural gas grill without a suitable outdoor eating area. Patios are standard, but sprucing up your patio installation with a patio cover, patio lighting and heaters, outdoor misting systems, and general backyard landscaping will help you get the most from your gas grill and backyard. Whether you want to enjoy dinner outside after spending a hot summer afternoon in your cool swimming pool or want to enhance the atmosphere with a backyard garden, pond, or gazebo, the contractors are ready to help you with any of your backyard and home improvement needs.

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