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How Much Does It Cost To Install Landscaping?

Typical Range: $1,381 - $5,358

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Whether you are moving into a new home, or updating the grounds of the home you already live in, landscaping can dramatically change the look of your house and property. You may like a neatly trimmed lawn or prefer a wild and overgrown look, you may live in an arid climate and need to xeriscape, or you may like finely manicured rosebushes. No matter how you choose to landscape, there is a professional out there whose specialty is exactly the look you want!
The cost of landscaping varies greatly but most homeowners report spending between $1,381 and $5,358. Before you call the pros, though, here are a few things to think about that will affect your individual landscaping project's cost that may have you spending more or less than the average.

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National Average
Typical Range
$1,381 - $5,358
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$300 - $10,800

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Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 17,791 HomeAdvisor members in .

Average Landscaping Costs by Location

City or StateAverage Cost Range
Austin, Texas$1,470-$6,000
Birmingham, Alabama$1,145-$4,300
Bloomington, Illinois$600-$1,500
New Jersey$1,350-$4,600
Long Island, New York$1,500-$5,325
Sacramento, California$3,400-$10,350
Los Angeles, California$3,000-$10,300
Tulsa, Oklahoma$1,200-$4,150
Cleveland, Ohio$970-$3,700
Charlotte, North Carolina$2,000-$4,800
Springfield, Massachusetts$625-$2,260
Albuquerque, New Mexico$2,500-$6,700
Cost data is based on actual project costs reported by HomeAdvisor members.

How large is your property?

The single largest factor in the cost of your new landscaping installation is the size of your property. If your house sits on a huge lot, and you're not sure if you can afford to landscape the entire area, talk to your professional landscaper about the possibility of landscaping it in sections. A professional landscaper and gardener will be able to tell you the best approach for this. For example, if there are plants that take a longer time to come to maturity you may be able to plant them first and when they are reaching their peak landscape another section that grows in faster so that everything looks perfect at the same time.

Do you want a lawn?

Lawns are not expensive to plant. Enough grass seed to cover your property is far less expensive than exotic plants or other features. however, lawns need careful maintenance, and plenty of water, especially at the beginning to get them established. So you may feel a lawn is a simple and affordable way to go, but it may take more money in the long run in terms of water, time and labor

Xeriscaping Option

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping that utilizes plants, shrubs, ground covers and rocks that need very little water to thrive. The cost of installing a xeriscaped yard is often more than simply planting grass and flowers. However, once established the maintenance and water costs are kept low by design.

Patio Installation

Patios or decks are a great addition to your landscaping plan as they provide a relaxing place for you to enjoy your new lawn and garden, as well as a great place to entertain friends. The overall cost will depend on the materials you choose. For example, Cement block or brick patios may be more affordable than flagstone or granite tiles. Talk to your installer about the uses of your patio and what the best material might be.

Flower Options

If a flower garden is important to you, let your landscaper know this at the beginning of the process. Many people want a landscaper to design their lawns and gardens but enjoy tending to their own flowers and planting new ones each year. If this is the case for you, ask that the space be made for flower or vegetable gardens. You just want to make sure that space has been set aside for this from the start.

Water and Irrigation

Don't spend time and money on beautiful landscaping if you have not taken water and irrigation issues into account first. Installing a sprinkler system, leveling the ground to avoid run off, and planning which plants, shrubs or flowers will get more and less water are all precautions that may take more time and money in the short term but will benefit you in the long run. You want to give your lawns and gardens the best chance to thrive.


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