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suburban neighborhood with woman running

How Safe Is Your Neighborhood? Tools and Tips to Help You Find Out

Home buyers and renters alike understand the need to settle down in a safe neighborhood. So whether you plan to invest in real estate for your growing family or rent an apartment in a bustling community, you want to know what to expect in terms of safety. This guide breaks down some of the ways…

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A large house across a grassy field with dark grey clouds casting shadows overhead

How to Disaster-Proof Your Home

Natural disasters are nerve-wracking and unpredictable. Whether it’s a California earthquake, a Gulf Coast hurricane, an Oklahoma tornado or an ice storm in Texas, disasters add up to millions of dollars of losses each year. Preparing for natural disasters before they strike will ensure that you and your home are safer. The good news is…

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father and daughter making dinner in kitchen

20 Fire Safety Tips for Your Home (+Printables)

Photo: FG Trade / E+ / Getty Images Although thinking about the possibility of a house fire is never fun, it’s immensely important to have a plan. Preparedness keeps your family and housemates safe and makes it easier for firefighters to protect you. Not only do you need to educate your family members or roommates…

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close-up of a front door lock

Best House Door Lock

The best house door locks keep burglars away to ensure the safety of your property. About 64% of burglaries are usually due to forcible entries. So, whether you’re buying new locks for a new home or replacing old locks, it’s vital to find one that secures your home. Apart from the level of security a…

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home security

11 Home Security and Safety Tips

Home security and safety precautions are essential to keeping your house and family safe from crime and other common safety issues. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are 11 simple steps you can take to protect your home and family. Whether it is through DIY projects or hiring professionals – keeping everyone…

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Girl holding non-poisonous plants/herbs outside

A Gardener’s Guide to Poisonous Plants

Poisonous plants can grow virtually anywhere, from remote fields and forests to parks and backyards. Spending time outdoors relaxing or having fun can lead to unexpected contact with poisonous plants, which could harm both humans and pets. This guide will help you identify these in your yard to make it a safe place for your…

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How to Help Your Child with Autism Cope During and After a Move

There’s a reason moving is considered one of the top five most stressful situations in life, right up there with divorce, job loss, major illness, and the death of a loved one. It’s no secret why. In addition to being a major hassle, it disrupts your life in ways that push even the most organized,…

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How to Choose the Best Smart Smoke Alarm

The market for smart smoke alarms, like so many smart home products, has gotten red hot. Competition is good for consumers, since it forces manufacturers to improve and innovate, while keeping costs in check. But the more models on the market, the harder it is to comparison shop. We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive…

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Open fridge filled with fresh foods

Kitchen Safety: Proper Food Storage

Food safety is an important issue that everyone should take seriously. Improper handling of food puts everyone at risk, particularly infants and children, pregnant women, individuals who have a chronic illness, and the elderly. A kitchen’s layout and organization can help or hinder proper food storage and safety, and this should be taken into account…

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Satellite style image of a safe looking family neighborhood

How to Find the Best Neighborhood in Your City

While there are plenty of ways to modify your new home, your neighborhood is going to come mostly as is. As an outsider, it’s difficult to tell which communities will be a good fit for you or your family. This can get even trickier if you’re shopping from a distance. Whether you’re looking for an…

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