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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Siding?

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While the materials for most siding are highly durable and long-lasting, there will be an occasion where you will need to repair the siding on your home. Below are factors that will cause the cost of the repair to fluctuate.

Type of Material

Wood clapboard siding is among the oldest types of house siding. Its disadvantage is that it is not low maintenance, requiring painting and caulking to keep it looking good and functional. Additionally, it can be damaged by rot, insects, warping or splitting.
Aluminum siding is very low maintenance but it is prone to denting and being a bit noisier than its other siding counterparts, but is moderate in price and aesthetically beautiful. Aluminum is a bit more expensive not only to install, but to replace as well. If your aluminum is painted, it may be difficult to match the color exactly.
The benefits of vinyl siding, first and foremost, are lead by its durability and strength when it comes to various weather conditions. It doesn't decay nor does it attract termites as wood does. It does not require painting like metal or wood siding, and for the most part it is cleaned when it rains. Vinyl siding is the easiest to replace although it might be hard to match the repaired section exactly.
Cement Fiber is the latest development in residential siding. It's durable, very low maintenance, made from recyclable materials so it's "green" and it's not subject to rot or insect damage. Expect to pay an additional 5% - 14% in material and installation costs for complex installation configurations and patterns.

Extent of damage

If areas are too rotten to hold a nail they will need to be replaced before the siding is installed. The replacement can be as simple as cutting it out and fixing with plywood - it doesn't have to be pretty because you are going to put siding over it. Additionally, most contractors will want to install some kind of building paper, such as Tyvak) over your wood and under the siding to increase the waterproofing. Make sure that this kind of fix is included in your siding bid.

Locating matching material

Hopefully, you will have some siding left over from your original installation. Damaged areas can be cut out, and holes can be patched with extra panels of siding from the original installation. If the original siding is not available, it may be best to use panels from a less visible area of the home to repair damage in more visible spots. The panel that has been moved can then be replaced with the closest match available. Keep in mind, it may not match color perfectly, especially if your siding has been exposed to the elements for a few years.

The repair

Many times your cost estimate from your contractor does not include costs for removal and disposal of existing siding and trim, structural modifications or repairs, and any work on soffit or fascia. Make sure that you ask for those


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Melissa Clack More than 1 year ago
I just got an estimate of $12000 to replace the siding and trim on the front of our house with LP Smartside and higher for Hardie.  In addition, any framework repairs would be extra and window work extra (another $3000+)  This seems extremely high to me.  Am I wrong?
PJ PEDIGO More than 1 year ago
Lorraine Sims More than 1 year ago
One piece of siding came off
malcolm farris More than 1 year ago
this info help me to be better prepared for estimates
ray chumley More than 1 year ago
when I look at these projects I want to know approxhow many man hours it will take giving an hour at half an hour at start and stop for set sawhorses,ext cords and another half hr for clean up..then I bill for materials,,,and I procure all materials,i charge just a 13%markup for my time
ROSE GLEASON More than 1 year ago
It help me on what to look for on the estimate and questions to ask pertaining to the project.
William Henderson More than 1 year ago
Helpful in preparing me for reasonable quote
Deva Taylor More than 1 year ago
 A piece of my siding is falling down I need someone asap to fix it.  How much would the one piece of siding cost
Claudia Perryman More than 1 year ago
I do not know if our land owner is going to rip down the rotted, termite infested wood siding on our garage yet. Or if he is going to put stucco up once the bad garage siding is taken down. ??? If he does not do the work, or the job, we may have to find someone, or something, to replace it, and take care of the repair ourselves. 
Chuck Calin More than 1 year ago
If you are paying rent the landlord is responsible for keeping the structure in a safe, structurally sound condition. You can contact your local building dept. if he will not keep it sound.
MARY PANGILINAN More than 1 year ago
It gave me ideas of fixing my problem. They are good suggestion and helps to prepare the plan and budget cost.
Jacqueline marra More than 1 year ago
I own an olde trailer,and I'm trying to repair my siding for as little as possible,yet I need something that's durable as well and cost efficient.
Inez Butler More than 1 year ago
Very helpful information to help me select companies, and get a price for planning this project.
Carolyn Bowser More than 1 year ago
Do not know the cost yet, but hope it is reasonable.

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