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How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Soil, Mulch Or Rocks?

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If you are getting your landscaping ready for the planting season, you may want to install soil, mulch, rocks, or any other type of decorative stone or paving. Since most homeowners do not own the size or type of vehicle that can haul such heavy and large loads, you will most likely need to have these materials delivered to your home.

Set Fee

Some companies that offer soil, mulch and rock delivery will have a set deliver fee for all items being delivered. IF this is the case, then it is the most cost effective to figure out everything you will need delivered at once so you don't pay double for your delivery costs.

Soil Weight

Other companies, may not have a set delivery fee, but rather will charge a percentage based on the weight of what you are having delivered. In this case you may want to figure out which items you could transport in your own car or truck to save on delivery costs.

Distance to House

If you live far away from the place where you bought your materials you may pay extra for distance or they may have a gas fee they charge on top of their normal delivery prices. Make sure to check before you have your items delivered to se if your location falls within their normal delivery area

Yard Accessibility

Do you live down a narrow curving gravel road? Across a wobbly bridge? At the end of a driveway where it is impossible for a truck to turn around? Limited or difficult accessibility can add to your delivery costs or even make delivery impossible for some companies. If you think your home may fall into the category of difficult accessibility, make sure to tell your delivery driver this ahead of time. If they arrive at your home and are unable to deliver your materials you may get charged anyway for the trip!
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Bill Vrooman More than 1 year ago
Only one contractor came up - not three
Carl Bach More than 1 year ago
Only one contractor came up
Allen Bellflowers More than 1 year ago
Only one  contractor came up 
Kyle Hess More than 1 year ago
How much for 5/10 yards
Of premium compost soil.

AUDREY RYZNER More than 1 year ago
I only received a quote from one contractor. 
Suzanne Basham More than 1 year ago
Only showed me one contractor
art Greenberg More than 1 year ago


I have an inground pool 15'x 30' that needs to be filled in with in the next 6 months. I am pulling the permit on 11/22/16   I have some fill at the back of my property. We would like it filled in then some decent top soil for a garden.

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