Why Everybody Should Have a Pool Cleaner

by Marcus Pickett

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A good pool filter is vital to creating good quality pool water that reduces the incidence of algae and helps maintain pH levels, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Even the best pool filters will leave extra dirt and debris scattered about your pool. An additional pool cleaner should be used once a week. This can be a time-consuming process unless you're willing to invest in an automatic above ground or in ground pool cleaner. These pool cleaners will allow you to enjoy your pool with minimal maintenance, making their investment and your investment in the pool itself worthwhile.

In Ground Pool Cleaners v. Above Ground Pool Cleaners
The difference between in ground pool cleaners and above ground pool cleaners is mostly about structure and range. The basic technology for each is essentially the same. In ground pool cleaners are built to facilitate the submerged nature of the pool and are often designed to work in depths up to 8 feet. For deeper in ground pools, a higher-end, specifically designed in ground pool cleaner may be needed.

Much like the pools themselves, above ground pool cleaners are cheaper than their in ground counterparts. Above ground pool cleaners should work just as efficiently but, keep in mind, above ground pools often skimp on initial installation costs. Cutting these corners can put additional strain on both your pool filter and pump system and your pool cleaner. Before you invest in an above ground pool cleaner make sure your filter and pump system are up to par.

Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

This pool cleaner uses the natural suction of your pool filter to create a vacuum for your pool cleaner. This type of pool cleaner is usually the cheapest and easiest to operate. Adversely, larger debris may cause the skimmer to clog. You may also need to play with different settings and set-ups to make sure your entire pool area is covered. If your pool cleaning needs have mostly to do with dirt and not debris, a suction-side cleaner is the way to go. Cheap and reliable, this is also the best option for the casual or smaller pool owner.

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This pool cleaner uses the water pressure from the return hose of your filter to create its vacuum and to drive the pool cleaner around the pool. This hose attachment allows a pressure-side cleaner to distribute filtered throughout your pool. Its own collection bag also reduces the strain on your filter system, increasing its functionality and lifetime. Making sure you empty this bag on a regular basis should allow this pool cleaner to take care of any the usual pool debris. Keep in mind you may need a booster pump to create adequate pressure.

This pool cleaner has a self-contained filtration system and operates completely independently of your pool pump and filter. These devices can clean your pool faster and more effectively than other cleaners. They can be programmed or operated by remote control to customize their cleaning for your specific pool. If you have a larger pool or areas that can be difficult to clean, the extra expense of this pool cleaner can be easily justified.

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