You love your pets. But worrying about them while you’re away at work or on vacation can be tiring. Fortunately, you can make sure your pets are safe, happy and healthy with these four smart home devices.

1. Automatic Pet Feeders

Ensuring your pet eats well while you’re away can be tough. An automatic feeder will provide your pet with scheduled and portion-controlled meals. Many smart feeders also come with smart phone apps that allow you to change food amounts and serving times. High-end feeders will even order new food and ship it straight to your door.

2. Interactive Pet Cameras

Don’t miss a moment with an interactive pet camera. These devices allow you to check in on your pet via smart phone or tablet, and even dispense treats and exercise your pet with a laser toy. Some models even have buttons that allow your pet to call you.

3. Pet Trackers

Pet trackers attach to your pet’s collar and allow you to keep an eye on their movements throughout the day. You can also set safe zones around your home and have the collar notify you if your pet crosses the line.

4. Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

No homeowner enjoys coming home to a full litter box. Installing an automatic litter box will keep your home fresh, even when you’re out of town. Self-cleaning litter boxes sense waste and rake litter into a disposable container.

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