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Home in a lush, green garden with a seamless, solar roof

Sustainable Home Improvements that Help Save the Planet

Green building and sustainable homes are quickly growing industries. Green home renovations conserve natural resources by using sustainable materials and making your home energy efficient and water conserving. They can also save you a lot of money. From lowered costs on utilities to income tax credits, sustainable renovations are better for the Earth and good…

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A rustic living room with a view of the Colorado mountains.

Which 5 States Had the Most Equity Gains in the Past Year?

In the past five years, the country’s homeowner equity has doubled – and this is driving billions of dollars’ worth of home improvement. But homeowners in which states are benefitting the most? According to a recent report from the mortgage data firm CoreLogic, five states stand out as the ones that have gained the most…

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Closed folding doors in small space

How to Remove Closet Doors and Spruce Up Your Space

Closet doors can be a nuisance, if they aren’t serving any purpose. They get stuck on their tracks. They stick out. And, they limit where you can arrange furniture. If you’re not worried about pets wandering in where they shouldn’t, or about household smells getting into your clothes, you may consider removing the doors entirely….

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Samples of wood, brick and stone veneer

How To Install Wall Veneer to Upgrade Any Space

Paint doesn’t always do the trick when you’re trying revamp your room. Installing one wall of veneer is a great design solution. Veneers are thin wall coverings made from various materials like brick, tile, stone and wood. They can do wonders to anchor your design and give it an edge. The best part is that…

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modern bathroom with shower and bathtub

How to Install Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Modern bathrooms often have an open, bright, and spa like feel. Contemporary bath fixtures, beautiful hand-laid tile, and seamless transitions from each element, are essential to creating your bathroom haven. Frameless glass shower doors and enclosures offer affordability and allow for fluidity and a sense of openness in an otherwise small space. Here’s how to…

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Fancy shower with glass door and golden frame

How to Install or Replace Shower Doors

Whether it’s time to give your entire bathroom a much-deserved renovation or you simply want to replace an out-of-style part, shower doors are one of the most important finishing touches to any bathroom oasis. Note: While there are several types of glass doors (frameless, steam, etc.), this article focuses specifically on traditional framed shower doors….

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Open staircase leading to a nicely finished basement

What Are the Key Differences Between Remodeling and Refinishing a Basement?

Anatoli Igolkin/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images Reviewed by Bob Tschudi, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.Written by HomeAdvisor. The main difference between remodeling and refinishing a basement is that refinishing simply “finishes” or makes over the space without altering the use, layout, or structure. Whereas remodeling involves redesigning the space, making structural changes, altering…

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Handicapped pug dog with wheels in a yard

Perfectly Imperfect: Home Modifications for Disabled Pets

Life with a disabled pet can be challenging. The responsibilities of frequent vet visits, daily medications, and special nutrition can be demanding even for the most dedicated and attentive pet parent. But the joys of caring for a dog or cat with special needs are plentiful, and the work is rewarding. Figuring Out Their Needs…

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