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Fixing those issues around your home can make it more efficient and comfortable - not to mention increase its value. You may need a variety of people to make it happen - electricians, plumbers, construction workers, tile layers, drywall experts, etc. Managing the construction that is occurring in your home can be time-consuming and stressful, but there are some things that you can consider.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a professional field that focuses on each part of the construction process of any built environment. It typically encompasses commercial building sites or multi-unit residential sites, but not usually single-family residential building sites. During a typical project, construction management personnel are responsible for overseeing each phase of construction and resolving any discrepancies in original blueprint design and actual implementation. They are also accountable for the cost of a project and must control material and labor cost. They may work with one or more General Contractors, Project Managers, Architects, and site-specific superintendents. In addition to overseeing the physical construction phases of a project, construction management must also be familiar with design and construction laws such as OSHA regulations and building codes.

Construction Management Fees

Fees can be a fixed amount or based on the construction cost. CM fees will vary with the services that the CM provides. Typical CM fees are about 3-5% of construction costs and should be paid based on the completion of specific phases of construction. Owners should structure payments to CM so that most of the fee is received once the project is complete with the project completed and the general contractor paid in full. TIP: Make sure that materials and labor aren't being marked up. For example, some Construction Managers will tell you their General Contracting fee is 5%. What they don't tell you is that they are marking all of their material and labor up another 10%. So what they are really making from you is 15%.

General Contractor

In a nutshell, the General Contractor is responsible for managing your entire job from start to finish. They will be the one to provide the estimate or bid, find the materials, hire subcontractors, lease vehicles (trucks, cranes, backhoes, etc.) and maintain all accounting and personnel records. They will also be the one who has accepted total liability for the project at hand. Any delays or issues with the project may come out of the contractor's pocket unless the agreement with the subcontractor or subcontractors state otherwise. While some general contractors handle the majority of the work themselves, those who engage subcontractors are still ultimately responsible for the timeliness and quality of all work.


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