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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Feng Shui Consultant?

Typical Range: $611 - $1,146

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When building a new home or simply remodeling an existing one, there are a number of decisions that need to be made about the decor. Along with practical and aesthetic needs, many homeowners want to create a space that fits in with their belief system or their ideas about space and utility. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy, is one tactic that homeowners might consider using when creating a more balanced and harmonious space in their home. Anyone interested in a Feng Shui consultation, but unsure of the costs involved and how to pick the right consultant, should use this guide for more information.

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Typical Range $611 - $1,146
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All About Feng Shui

The first thing a homeowner should do is get a clear understanding of Feng Shui. Literally translated into English as "wind-water," Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that uses energy forces to create a more favorable layout for a home or office orientation. Feng Shui has been relied upon in China for more than 4,000 years, and today it is used widely around the world and is even gaining in popularity. Objectives for a Feng Shui consultation can vary depending on the homeowner, but common desired outcomes include healthy family relationships, preservation or growth of financial wealth and harmony.

Advantages of Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant

There are a number of different advantages to having a Feng Shui consultation, and these start with a more aesthetically pleasing design, potentially better relationship with housemates, calmer demeanor and better outlook on life. Although there are plenty of critics of Feng Shui, and in particular those who charge for Feng Shui consultations, many homeowners can attest to the fact that these visits help them with their struggles and even result in a more attractive living space.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to hiring a Feng Shui consultant. First, it can be challenging to spot the true Feng Shui students from those who are merely interior designers or even frauds. Other disadvantages might include consultations that claim the home layout requires extensive remodeling, the cost of having a professional consultation and the impracticality of some suggestions. Some homeowners mention that after a consultation, the layout of their home is less attractive, although that is certainly not always the case. Ultimately, the key to reducing these disadvantages is using the hints below to know how to find the best possible Feng Shui consultant in the area.

Spotting a Bad Feng Shui Consultant

Since there are many people who claim to be Feng Shui experts, but a number who are simply not trained or skilled in this philosophy, it can be hard to tell who is real. Keys to spotting a bad Feng Shui consultant include anyone who promises to consult over the phone or online, anyone who believes that interior design is essentially the same as Feng Shui and anyone who mentions that they are certified Feng Shui consultants. It is virtually impossible to conduct an effective Feng Shui consultation without seeing the home in person, so it is unwise to trust anyone who claims that they can be helpful over the phone or online through photos. In addition, design, layout and style are not the same as Feng Shui, so avoid hiring anyone who confuses these terms. Finally, there are no official Feng Shui certifications in the United States, so be wary of anyone who claims that they are licensed or certified.

Signs of an Excellent Feng Shui Consultant

Once homeowners have eliminated the bad Feng Shui consultants from the short list of who to hire, they can focus on the attributes of the very best people in the field. Excellent Feng Shui consultants will offer clients a questionnaire before the consultation, have sliding rates depending on the project, be highly recommended by past clients and ask for blueprints or floor plans of the space. A fantastic Feng Shui consultant won't just show up, but will start working well in advance of the consultation. Blueprints can be a way for them to get a feel for the space and start making recommendations, and a questionnaire completed by the homeowners gives them an idea of what changes will help meet the most important needs. A Feng Shui consultant should always come to the home for a minimum of two hours, or even more for a larger house, because it is the only true way to get a feel for the energy, balance and yin and yang of the space.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Feng Shui Consultation

The cost of a Feng Shui consultation can vary substantially depending on a number of key factors. Some of the biggest factors that can influence the total price of the project include: size of the home or space, whether a written report is required, any decor changes, color assessments, and urban location.

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