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How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Electric Fence?

Typical Range: $117 - $414

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If you use an electric fence, it's important that the fence work properly for security and safety. With the different kinds of electric fences, prices to fix them vary depending on what kind you're using.

Pet Collar

Check your pet's collar before digging up your electric fence. What seems to be a malfunctioning fence may actually just be dead batteries, an ill-fitting collar or too much fur between the skin and the shock plate. If it's as simple as your dog collar, then no repair will be needed at all.

Wire Breaks

Wire breaks are the most common type of problem with electric fences. They can be caused from landscaping, gardening, excavation or any other work that requires digging. If you find the radio transmitter box and it's beeping or has flashing lights, then there is likely a wire broken somewhere. A professional can determine where these breaks have occurred and will repair the broken wire. The cost to repair an electric fence with broken wires will largely depend on how many breaks have accumulated. If you have a long electric fence, the likeliness of a higher number of wire breaks or issues is greater.

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Typical Range
$117 - $414
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Frequency of Fence

If your fence wire was installed too closely to another wire on the same radio frequency, they may be canceling each other out. This might require re-installation, which will increase total cost.

Grounding the Fence

There's a chance your fence's ground rods were not properly installed, which affects the charge reaching the fence despite the energizer being on. This could be due to a variety of factors, including the rods themselves. They might not be copper, far enough apart, deep enough in the ground, properly connected or wet due to storms.

Landscape Prep

If plants like weeds or brush surround the electric fence, they may be why the fence isn't charged. Mow around the fence to remove these obstructions. Also get rid of brush, branches and small tree limbs.


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