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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Natural Stone Tile?

Typical Range: $304 - $850

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Natural stone tile is a beautiful and functional addition to most any home or business. However, natural stone tiles can occasionally develop problems that require repair so as to avoid safety hazards and further damage to the flooring. Some of the most common repair needs for natural stone tiles are scratches, stains, chips and loosening of the tiles.

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National Average $566
Typical Range $304 - $850
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Cost Factors of Common Repairs

Natural stone tile repairs cost relatively little compared to installing or replacing an entire floor. Typical repair costs include the hourly labor fees of the repair person plus the supplies needed for the repair. If tiles need to be replaced or if there are many scratches, stains or chips to the tile, this can cause the repair to take longer and necessitate more supplies. Natural stone tiles laid in an intricate pattern may also be more time-consuming to repair.

How Are Common Natural Stone Tile Problems Repaired?

One of the benefits of natural stone tile is that most problems can be repaired quickly and without the need to replace all of the flooring.

Repairing Scratches

Scratched natural stone tile is first cleaned with a gentle detergent and then dried to prepare it for smoothing out the scratches. The tile worker uses a 120 grit diamond sand paper to smooth the surface of the tile. The tiles can be polished either by hand or with a power tool. A 150 grit diamond sand paper is then used to further erase the scratches. This process continues with finer and finer sanding papers until the scratch is gone. The tile must then be resealed.

Removing Stains from Tiles

Most stains can be removed from natural stone tiles with natural cleaning products. These products don't etch or scratch the surface of the tile. A paste of water and baking soda is one common solution for removing surface stains from natural stone tiles. For more persistent stains, hydrogen peroxide, talcum powder, rust remover or diatomaceous earth may be used.

Chip Repairs

Chipped natural stone tile is usually replaced, although very small chips can be repaired. In this time consuming process, the stone tile is first cleaned and dried. A primer or sealer is applied to the chipped area of stone. A paint matching the color of the stone is applied to the primed area. An epoxy mix is added to the chipped area so that its surface is level with the rest of the stone tile. Large or multiple chips in a natural stone tile usually call for replacement of the piece of tile.

Cracked Tiles

Cracked tiles must be replaced for safety and aesthetics. They're lifted out of place with a chisel. The old grout is scraped off. A new matching tile is laid and the area is re-grouted and sealed. The grout must cure for 24 hours.

Repairs for Loose Tiles

Loose natural stone tiles need to be re-grouted into place. The loose tile is plied from the floor using a chisel. Loose grout is scraped away with a flat-surfaced knife. The tile is returned into its correct position and new grout is added around it. The grout is sealed and allowed to cure for a minimum of 24 hours.

Replacement of natural stone tile may be needed for larger chips and cracks. A homeowner may also prefer to replace a badly stained or scratched natural stone tile. In order to replace a single natural stone tile, the tile worker must first remove the damaged tile. The grout around the tile is loosened with a flat-edged knife. The damaged stone tile is carefully lifted out of position so as to avoid damaging adjacent tiles. A new matching tile is laid, and new grout is placed around the tile.

Preventing Repairs for Natural Stone Tile

There are many actions that homeowners can take to prevent the need for natural stone tile repairs. Placing thick floor mats at each entrance of the home helps to remove dirt and debris from shoes. This dirt and debris can scratch and stain the tiles. Homeowners with dogs may need to wipe or wash the dog's feet after taking walks. Any spills should be wiped up as soon as possible with a soft cloth or damp paper towel. Regular cleaning of natural stone tile helps reduce stain penetration and buildup of dirt. A dust mop, broom or wet mop and gentle detergent can be used. Furniture should have padded covers on the legs to avoid scratching the tiles. Stone flooring in heavily trafficked areas should be professionally sealed at least once every year. Stone flooring that gets light to moderate traffic should be sealed every 12 to 24 months. Some natural stones are highly absorbent and need two or more coats of sealant for full protection of the stone.

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