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How Much Does It Cost To Organize A Garage?

Typical Range: $607 - $2,620

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The garage is often the catch-all for every item that doesn't have a place in the home. It's also where work tools and landscaping equipment is stored. Often, every item in the garage should be somewhere else in the home or organized neatly so one day the car can actually be parked in the garage where it belongs.

Benefits of Garage Organization

  • Improved Storage: The items held in the garage can be a jumbled mess where nothing is in a set place. Organizing the space allows the homeowner to find items easily. Increased storage options will clear out the clutter, and the garage can become a functional space for storing equipment.

  • Convenience: Whether it's the ability to find a space to complete projects or a place to hold equipment and tools, organizing the garage will open up options and access to a functional work space. It can become a convenient option for holding tools, extra house supplies, landscape equipment or toys for the children.

  • Adding Storage: After clearing out the clutter and assessing the organizational needs, most garages can benefit from increased floor to ceiling storage options. When items are removed from the floor, it creates more space in the room. Sections should be designated for a specific purpose.

  • Car Tools: Even when the car isn't held in the garage, it's the space where all the tools to fix the car are stored. Many homeowners could benefit from a mobile tool box that will allow them to move the tools outside to the vehicle easily. A 9-drawer tool chest will cost a few hundred dollars and create a durable storage unit that can be integrated into the storage system in the garage when not in use.

  • Racks: Shovels and rakes need their own separate storage unit. Wall racks are the best way to keep these tools off the ground. Often, gardening tools are left standing in corners or against the wall where they can fall and potentially become a nuisance. A rack costs less than $100 and can hold up to 20 rakes.

    Bikes for the entire family can take up a lot of garage space that can be used for other things. A bike rack will remove all the bikes from cluttering the floor, especially in front of the doors, and organize them on the wall. Six-bike storage costs around $100, and three-bike storage is around $75. The needs of the homeowner influence the price.

  • Overhead Storage: When thinking about storage, most homeowners will make a few shelves for the items they use constantly and shove the rest of the items into a dark recess of the garage. Items that are rarely used need an out-of-the-way storage spot that is accessible and neat. Storing items in overhead cabinets is a great way to utilize underused space high on the wall. Covered storage is preferable to open cabinets and freestanding shelving that can still appear cluttered. A great multipurpose overhead cabinet costs approximately $150.

  • Wall Storage: A matching wall cabinet with doors will run a bit higher priced since it has more storage space. The wall cabinet can cost anywhere from $300 to $700. A freestanding, open cabinet can cost less than $100.

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Additional Improvements

When organizing with storage and containers, extra improvements can make the garage a stunning showplace. Peg wallboards can be installed to store everyday tools that can't be kept out of sight. For extra ways to impress neighbors and friends, mark the pegboard with outlines of the tools and label them clearly.

  • Lighting: Garages often have one overhead light that throws constant shadows in the corners. Task lighting will help create a room that is perfect for detailed projects and home improvement tasks like repairing tools or enjoying a hobby.

  • Electric Circuits: Extra sockets will make the garage a more functional workspace. When a homeowner is planning the organization of the garage, extra circuits will help turn the space into a place to perform a variety of important tasks.

Depending on the needs of the homeowner and if covered storage is desired, the cost of organizing the garage can be less than a $1,000. With smart shopping and the use of open shelving, the cost can be minimal, and the addition of the extra space and organization is worth it.

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