How Much Does an Electric Boiler Cost?

Typical Range:

$1,500 - $6,500

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Published October 21, 2021

Written by HomeAdvisor.

An electric boiler typically costs between $1,500 and $6,500 to install, with an average cost of $4,000. This type of boiler is more energy-efficient than gas or wood boilers, but takes longer to heat your home. They also tend to be smaller and don’t require a flue.

Average Cost of an Electric Boiler


Electric Boiler Prices

Electric boilers cost between $1,200 and $5,500, not including the cost of labor. The cost of an electric boiler can vary depending on the brand and size. If you’re heating a larger home or live in an area with cooler temperatures, you’ll need to purchase a larger boiler that produces an adequate amount of heat for your location.

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Electric Boiler Installation Cost

If you already have plumbing installed, the labor cost to install an electric boiler is about $300. If you need to install plumbing, labor could cost $1,000 or more. You’ll need to hire a professional HVAC technician to complete the installation. HVAC professionals typically charge between $75 and $125 per hour. In most cases, HVAC companies will charge a flat rate for the installation process, which usually requires two technicians.

Cost Factors

Several factors influence the cost to install an electric boiler, including where you live, your home’s size and whether or not you already have the proper plumbing.

Home Size

The size of your home determines what size boiler you’ll need. Bigger homes take more energy to heat and need larger boilers as a result.


If you live in an area where cold temperatures are typical, you’ll need a more powerful boiler to heat your home. Because electric boilers are often more expensive to run than gas, oil, or wood boilers, they’re less common in areas with cold winter temperatures.


You’ll have to pay around $700 more to have a boiler installed if you don’t already have adequate plumbing.

Electric Boilers vs. Other Boiler Types

At $1,500 to $6,500, the cost to install an electric boiler is somewhat cheaper than other types of boilers. Gas or propane boilers cost between $3,700 and $10,000, oil boilers cost between $4,800 and $6,700, and wood boilers cost between $6,000 and $20,000 to install.

While electric boilers are cheaper at installation, it typically costs more to use an electric boiler to heat your home. Other fuel types, like wood or gas, are more affordable, making them better for large homes in areas with cold winter temperatures.

DIY vs. Hire an HVAC Pro

In most cases, it’s a good idea to hire an HVAC pro to handle boiler installation. Improper installation could damage your boiler or even cause leaks and water damage in your home. If you need an electric boiler installed, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a boiler installation company near you to discuss your options.


How does an electric boiler work?

Electric boilers work by heating water using electricity. This water then passes through your home’s radiators and distributes heat throughout your home.

Are electric boilers more expensive?

Electric boilers are somewhat cheaper to install than other types of boilers. They take up very little space and don’t require a flue. However, they’re often more expensive to operate than other types of boilers. This means that they’re not usually the best fit for homes in colder climates that require a lot of heat in winter.

How long do electric boilers last?

Electric boilers typically last about 15 years. Proper boiler maintenance and repair can help extend the lifespan.

Can I replace a gas boiler with an electric boiler?

In most cases, it’s not a good idea to replace a gas boiler with an electric boiler, especially if you’re trying to heat a large home. Electric boilers typically aren’t designed to heat large spaces and may struggle to keep your home warm during cold weather. That said, replacing a gas boiler with an electric burner may be an option in smaller areas of your home.

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