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How Much Does It Cost To Install Stained Glass?

Typical Range: $303 - $874

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Stained glass windows can add beauty and character to your home. Although you may worry that adding stained glass windows will be prohibitively expensive, that may not be the case. Here are a few factors that will influence the cost of your stained glass window installation

Creating the Panels

You can purchase simple pre-made stained glass panels from a number of different stores or through the internet and have the glass installed over your pre-existing windows. Or, you can have custom stained glass panels created specifically for your home by a stained glass artist.

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Typical Range
$303 - $874
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$150 - $1,500

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Clearly the creation of custom made stained glass will be considerably more expensive than using pre-made panels. However, you will need to decide if the extra expense will give you more of what you want than the pre-made version. Custom made stained glass might add value to your home and will be guaranteed to not be seen in anyone else's home. With pre-made panels, you might have the identical stained glass as your neighbors. Only you can decide if this is important to you and worth the extra cost.

Stained Glass Installation

Smaller stained glass panels can be installed directly over an existing standard window either by adhering it to the window with silicone sealer or by building a wood trimmed frame inside the window that holds the stained glass panel. The silicone form of installation is simpler and requires fewer materials and so it is usually the less expensive type of installation.
The wood frame type of installation involves building a smaller frame within the existing window frame and is more expensive and time consuming. For larger stained glass windows or custom sized windows, the installation can be very costly as it requires building a new window frame strong enough to hold the weight of the stained glass, or modifying an existing window frame.


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