How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Phone Screen?

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$70 - $400

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Updated November 7, 2022

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The cost of phone screen repair ranges from $50 to $600, with an average price of $200. Repairing your phone screen directly through the manufacturer, like Apple or Samsung, may cost more than a third party. But if the phone has a protection plan, like AppleCare+ or Samsung Care+, the manufacturer prices could be as low as $29.

The typical iPhone screen repair cost is between $130 and $330 if you go through Apple. On the other hand, Samsung phone screen repair prices have a larger range depending on the model, from $79 to $600. Third-party phone repair companies may fix older-generation screens for as low as $50, but this is often more money than the phone is worth. Check out our guide to repairing home electronics before you get started.

Average Cost to Fix a Broken Phone Screen

Average CostHigh CostLow Cost

Fixing a Broken Phone Screen Cost by Brand

How much does a phone screen repair cost? The biggest cost factor is the phone's brand and model. Read below for more information and price estimates on various cell phone brands and models that are currently on the market. 

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

Assuming you don’t have AppleCare and use Apple to repair your iPhone screen, expect to pay between $130 and $330 in iPhone screen repair costs. Third-party phone repair companies may charge as little as $50 to repair an older iPhone, but often, the cost of repairing the phone screen is more expensive than what you can sell the phone for.

The table below shows current iPhone screen replacement costs when going through Apple directly:

iPhone Cell Phone ModelAverage Cost to Repair
iPhone 13 Pro Max$330
iPhone 13 Pro$280
iPhone 13$280
iPhone 13 mini$230
iPhone 12 Pro Max$330
iPhone 12 Pro$280
iPhone 12$280
iPhone 12 mini$230
iPhone 11 Pro Max$330
iPhone 11 Pro$280
iPhone 11$200
iPhone XS Max$330
iPhone XS$280
iPhone X$280
iPhone XR$200
iPhone 8 Plus$170
iPhone 8$150
iPhone 7 Plus$170
iPhone 7$150
iPhone 6s Plus$170
iPhone 6s$150
iPhone 6 Plus$150
iPhone 6$130
iPhone SE (3rd generation)$130
iPhone SE (2nd generation)$130
iPhone SE (1st generation)$130
iPhone 5s$130
iPhone 5c$130
iPhone 5$130
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Samsung Screen Repair

Samsung's estimated manufacturer screen repair costs have a wider price range than Apple's, from $79 to $600. Third-party repair companies can also repair Samsung phones, but often, their prices are similar to or more expensive than Samsung's prices.

The table below shows Samsung's estimated prices for smartphone screen repair. Note that with Samsung's new folding and flipping phones, each screen has separate costs. For example, if you need to replace both screens on a Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, you'll spend approximately $690 in total.

Samsung Cell Phone ModelAverage Cost to Repair
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (inner)$450
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (outer)$150
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G (inner)$550
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G (outer)$140
Galaxy Z Fold (inner)$600
Galaxy Z Fold (outer)$140
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (inner)$350
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (outer)$100
Galaxy Z Flip / Z Flip 5G (inner)$500
Galaxy Z Flip / Z Flip 5G (outer)$100
Galaxy S22 Ultra$290
Galaxy S22+$230
Galaxy S22$200
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G$290
Galaxy S21+ 5G$230
Galaxy S21 5G$200
Galaxy S21 FE 5G$170
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G$280
Galaxy S20+ 5G$270
Galaxy S20 5G$250
Galaxy S20 FE 5G$150
Galaxy S10 5G$280
Galaxy S10+$270
Galaxy S10$250
Galaxy S10e$200
Galaxy S10 Lite$180
Galaxy S9+$230
Galaxy S9$220
Galaxy S8+$230
Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Active$220
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G$270
Galaxy Note20 5G$220
Galaxy Note10+ 5G$280
Galaxy Note10+$280
Galaxy Note10$240
Galaxy Note9$240
Galaxy Note8$240
Galaxy A71 5G$160
Galaxy A53 5G$130
Galaxy A52 5G$130
Galaxy A51 / A51 5G$130
Galaxy A50$130
Galaxy A42 5G$120
Galaxy A32 5G$110
Galaxy A21$100
Galaxy A20$90
Galaxy A13 5G$90
Galaxy A12$90
Galaxy A11$90
Galaxy A10e$80
Galaxy A03s$80
Galaxy A02s$80
Galaxy A01$80

Other Brands

Other popular phone brands—including Google, LG, Motorola, and Nokia—often sell their own protection plans and warranties to keep smartphone screen replacement costs down, as low as $29. But out-of-warranty repairs can be much more expensive, depending on the age and size of the phone, upwards of $500 or more.

Phone Screen Repair Costs by Servicer

The phone screen repair cost can vary depending on who does the work: the manufacturer, a third-party company, or yourself. Keep reading to get more in-depth information on each repair servicer.

Manufacturer Repair

Generally, the most expensive route has the manufacturer, like Apple or Samsung, conduct the repair work. However, manufacturer prices might be lower if you’ve opted in with a special warranty or protection plan.

Though screen repair prices are typically higher with manufacturers, they use certified original parts, and the professionals working on your phone have more intimate knowledge of the device. They can restore the phone to factory standards. For many, this makes it worth the cost.

Third-Party Repair

Working with a third-party repair company often saves money on smartphone screen repair. However, keep in mind that several third-party quotes for Samsung phones exceed Samsung's estimates.

Before using a third-party repair shop, compare prices between the store and the manufacturer, and ensure using a third party won’t void your warranty.

DIY Repair

Typically, DIY fixing a broken phone screen will save you on project costs. A DIY phone screen repair could cost as little as $15 to $40, while extensive repairs can reach $200 or higher. Most smartphone manufacturers sell specialty repair kits, but you can also buy third-party repair kits for a lower price.

What Factors Affect the Cost to Fix a Broken Phone Screen?

4 cost factors to repair a broken cell phone screen, including phone brand and type, damage type, repair servicer, and protection plan
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How much is screen repair for a smartphone? The total cost of phone screen repair can vary based on several factors beyond just the brand and model. Let's look at the various aspects that contribute to the final price tag of the repair.

Damage Type

The extent of the damage to your phone screen will affect the total cost of repair. Some phone screen problems require more work and time to repair than others. Common issues with phone screens include the following:

  • Frozen screen

  • Broken glass

  • Vertical lines on the screen

  • Permanently zoomed-in screen

  • Flickering screen

  • Completely dark screen

The specific problem with your phone screen will contribute to the project’s total cost. For instance, there are simple solutions, such as replacing a battery or earpiece. These will generally cost less than more complex issues, such as water damage, vertical lines on the screen, or an entirely dark screen.

Phone Type

Older phones are typically less expensive to fix than newer models, but it'll also depend on the specific phone. For instance, larger and brand-new models cost more, contributing to the final cost of the phone repair.

Phone Repair Service

Your phone repair service may affect the cost of fixing your broken phone screen. For example, using a high-rated phone repair service might cost more, but choosing the service with the lowest price could result in improper repairs. Research potential phone repair services using online reviews and testimonials from previous customers to ensure optimal results.

Protection Plan

Most phone services offer protection plans or warranties, saving you money if you need a repair. With iPhones, you can purchase an AppleCare+ plan that includes hardware coverage and accidental damage protection, plus on-site visits. Cracked screen repairs start at around $29.

With Samsung phones, you can purchase Samsung Care+. With this plan, you can repair your cracked screen for as little as $29.

DIY Phone Screen Repair vs. Hiring a Pro

DIY phone screen repairs are complex and can result in additional phone damage if you make a mistake. Another major risk is losing the data stored in your phone. That’s why you must consider the risk of making a DIY repair before you start the process. This project involves attaching several layers of the phone screen and working with many small pieces and wires.

It’s a doable project if you have the necessary tools, advanced technical skills, and knowledge of each step involved. Helpful tools may include a mini-screwdriver, plastic tweezers, plastic wedges, and a guitar pick, but it’ll depend on your unique situation.

If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, find a cell phone repair shop near you to fix your phone screen. Make sure you research the company to ensure it’s reputable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to fix a broken phone screen?

It takes somewhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to fix a broken phone screen, but the time it takes depends on the amount of damage, the phone repair method, and the pro's schedule. You'll also have to factor in additional shipping time if you send your phone to the manufacturer for repair. Contact a local appliance repair service in your area to determine the best course of action.

Should you repair or replace your phone?

Whether you should repair or replace your phone depends on the extent of the damage. Below are common reasons to replace your phone instead of getting a repair:

  • A replacement phone costs less than a repair.

  • The repair work costs more than the phone is worth.

  • You want to upgrade to a newer phone model.

  • Your phone has multiple types of damage or issues.

How do you repair a broken phone screen?

We advise you to let a pro handle phone screen repairs because screen damage can be complicated to fix—and small mistakes can lead to worse damage and lost data.

If you'd like to save money by repairing the screen yourself, see if your smartphone manufacturer offers a specialty kit. For example, Apple has released a Self Service Repair kit, which you can rent for $49. If you want to repair your phone without a kit, ensure that doing so won't void your warranty.

Will I lose my data if I replace my phone screen?

You won’t lose your data if a pro properly replaces your phone screen. However, mistakes during the screen replacement process can damage the phone and result in lost data. We highly recommend taking your smartphone to a professional—either a manufacturer or third party—to repair the phone screen correctly.