How Much Do Common TV Repairs Cost?

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$60 - $350

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Updated April 6, 2022

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TV Repair Costs

Repairing a TV costs about $210. Costs typically range from $60 to $350 for LCD, LED, plasma, and 4K TVs. Common problems include screen and bulb replacement, backlight repair, HDMI port repair, or control board replacement. If your TV is too large to be transported in an average-sized car, pickup and delivery fees may apply.

Avg costs of tv repairs

Average TV Repair Estimates

Average Cost$210

Common TV Repairs

Like other electronics or appliances in your home, TVs have multiple working parts that work in harmony and power the sound and pictures that allow us to enjoy watching a football game or the newest episode of our favorite show. When things go wrong, though, and you can’t power on your TV, or the picture isn’t clear, there may be components that are failing or need replacing. Below are some of the most common TV repairs you may encounter. 

Minor Screen Issues 

Small screen issues like distorted colors or flashing pixels might be fixable, but repairs are not always possible when it comes to TV screens. Since screens are typically the most expensive TV part, your repair person might recommend that you replace the entire TV rather than repair it. 

“Although TVs repairs are possible, most repairs cost the same or more than a replacement TV,” says Andy Kilborn, Expert Review Member and handyperson. “If your TV requires repair, it’s worth looking at the cause and getting a price, but be prepared that it might be more economical to replace it.”

If your screen issue is minor and repairable, then expect to pay between $100 and $400 to get your TV back in perfect condition. Check with your manufacturer; if your TV is still under warranty and isn’t damaged from an accident, you may be able to get a replacement or a repair. 


The backlight is responsible for the brightness and color on your TV screen, which makes watching movies and playing games a home theater experience. A repair person will need to open the TV to access the backlight, which usually consists of LED or CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) strips. This type of repair costs $100 to $125 on average. 


The cost range to fix a TV speaker is wide—from about $75 to $250. It could be as simple as having a repairer clean and replace the speaker, or they might need to rewire the speakers. 

Adding a soundbar and discontinuing the use of the TV speakers is an alternative option for improving the sound. Soundbars have a wide range in price, but they’re commonly available for $75 to $800.


Accidents that result in a TV falling over might lead to a cracked TV panel. These panels usually cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced. Since replacing a panel might cost more than a new TV, your pro might recommend that you replace the entire TV. 

If it is repairable, the average cost for this job is $200 to $400. However, replacing a TV panel on a Smart or 4K TV can cost about $400 to $5,000 or more

HDMI Port 

If the HDMI port on your TV has stopped working, the repair costs $75 to $300 on average. You’ll likely want to repair this feature since it’s required to hook up devices like Blu-ray players or gaming systems to your TV. A simple fix could involve fixing an HDMI port that has fallen out of position. However, if the circuit board that connects to the HDMI port is damaged, then expect to cost to fall within the higher end of the range. 

Water Damage 

Ideally, an electronic TV will never come into contact with water, but accidents like leaks and flooding do happen. A repair person may be able to take apart the TV, let it dry out, and replace any damaged parts. Water damage repairs for a TV cost around $150 to $400


The inverter in your TV provides power to the backlight. A TV repairer might need to replace the capacitors or replace the inverter itself to get the TV up and running again. Expect to pay between $60 and $200 for an inverter repair.

Power Board 

If your TV has stopped turning on, you may have a problem with the power board, also known as the power supply board. The power board is responsible for turning your TV on and off. A TV repair person can sometimes replace the capacitors in your power board to resolve the issue, or they may have to replace the entire power board. A TV power board repair costs $100 to $300 on average. 

Flat-Screen TV Types and Repair Costs

The cost of flat-screen TV repair ranges from $45 to $360. The price of a new flat-panel TV starts from around $250 for a 1080p (non-4K) LED TV from LG up to $15,000 for an 85-inch 8K LED TV from Samsung.

A TV referred to as a "flat TV" or "flat-screen" TV might be any of the following:

  • LCD TV

  • LED TV (LCD lit by LED)

  • Plasma screen

  • 4K TV (Ultra HD)

  • Smart TV

LED TV Screen Replacement Cost

An LED TV is the same as an LCD TV that uses LED backlighting. To replace one LED backlighting strip, the price ranges from $100 to $125, including parts and labor. Older televisions cost more to repair. Parts for these TVs may be difficult to find. Also, parts for TVs that are 42 inches or bigger are more expensive.

4K TV (Ultra HD) Repair

For a 4K TV, the price of replacing the control board, inverter, or LEDs ranges from $100 to $275 or more depending on the brand and model. The cost to repair or replace a damaged screen is greater than the cost of a new 4K TV.

Plasma TV Repair

Repairs typically cost $40 to $85 for diagnostics testing and $300 to $400 for repairs.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs have additional capabilities like WiFi connectivity, apps, ultra-high-resolution, and high-fidelity sound. Still, they contain the same components and parts as other TVs and usually require the same repairs. The average repair cost for smart TVs is $100 to $400.

Average Cost to Fix a Cracked Flat-Screen TV

It may cost $100 or more to repair a cracked LCD TV screen. TV screens are fragile and easily damaged, which makes this the most common type of TV repair.

It is possible to replace TV screens, but it usually means replacing the entire display panel. The cost of a replacement screen is almost as high, or higher than the cost of a new TV. The cost of a new flat-screen television with a 32-inch screen or smaller starts at around $100. Replacing a cracked screen on higher-end or larger models costs between $300 and $1,000 or more.

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Commons Problems and Repair Costs

You might not know which part of your TV is failing, but you may encounter some issues that are clues. For example, if your TV won’t turn on or can’t get any sound, you can get an idea of what might be causing the problem. 

No Sound

Sometimes the picture quality on your TV is perfect, but there’s just one problem: there’s no sound coming out of the speakers. If faulty speakers are causing the problem, they can be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Otherwise, it could be a problem with the control board. The cost for this repair ranges from $75 to $400

Vertical Lines 

If vertical lines appear across your TV screen, it might be due to a loose cable, or the control board in your TV might be failing. A repair person can open up your TV and resolve this issue for about $150 to $400

Horizontal Lines

Like vertical lines, horizontal lines on your TV screen are an indicator that you have a loose cable or a faulty control board. Your pro will need to open up your TV to assess the situation and repair or replace the part responsible for the horizontal lines on your screen. Expect to pay about $150 to $400 to resolve this problem. 

Black Screen 

If you turn on your TV and everything seems normal, but suddenly the image fades to black, the inverter, control board, or backlights in your TV might not be working correctly. To repair an inverter, your repair person may need to replace the capacitors or replace the entire inverter, which costs $100 to $200 on average. 

Damaged Cables 

If your TV is out of commission, it might be due to damaged cables, which can fray or break. These can be repaired or replaced for about $75 to $200

TV Will Not Turn On 

If you can't get your TV to turn on no matter how many times you press the power button, then you may have an issue with a blown fuse or the power board. Since various issues can cause this problem, this repair cost ranges from $55 to $400.

Repairing vs. Replacing a TV

If the cost of repairs is equal to or greater than half the cost of a new TV, it may be time to replace your television. You might also want to replace your set if a similar one is less than $200, or if your screen is under 32 inches.

For example, it would cost around $150 for a new mainboard in an LG Model 24LF452B 24" TV, which would take around one hour to repair. As a result, you could pay anywhere from $190 to $210 to repair your set, as opposed to spending around $120 for a brand-new model. Sometimes, newer TVs can cost less to repair because the parts are readily available.

CRT TVs are a somewhat special case since they've quickly been phased out by flat-screen models. The capacitors in a tube are dangerous, even after it's been unplugged for days. You shouldn't attempt to repair them unless you're an experienced pro.

Fixing a broken TV instead of buying a new one can save you money. If your TV stops working, you want to get it repaired as soon as possible. Start by checking your TV manufacturer's manual or website. They usually have a troubleshooting guide.

Once you’ve found the problem, contact a reliable TV repair pro. Some give free estimates, while others charge for a diagnosis. If your television needs frequent repairs, it may be near the end of its lifespan. If yours has required more than a few repairs within a twelve-month period, it could be time for a replacement.


Is it worth getting a TV repaired?

If you want to reduce waste or have a simple fix, repairing your TV is worth it. However, sometimes the cost of repairs can exceed the cost of a new TV. Therefore, depending on the age of your TV and the parts you need to replace, replacing your old TV with a new model is more cost-effective.

How much do TV repair pros charge?

Most TV repair pros charge from $60 to $125 per hour or a flat rate of $50 to $250, which includes the diagnostic fee. Most repair shops have a minimum charge, somewhere around $90. Costs vary, depending on the difficulty of the repairs needed and the brand and type of TV.

Labor costs range from $60 to $125 per hour or a flat rate of $90 to $300. If a TV repair service sends a technician to your home, the cost ranges from $25 to $125 per hour plus the trip fee. An average repair takes from 1 to 3 hours if the parts are available.

How much do Best Buy and Sears charge for TV repairs?

How much you pay to have your Best Buy or Sears TV repaired depends on the protection plan of the model, whether you opted for product insurance, and if it qualifies as a return. Call or talk to the customer service department of your retailer.

What affects the cost of repairing a TV?

Most TVs can be repaired, even if your television is outdated. However, the following types of TVs are usually harder to repair:

  • LCD TVs (LCDs are the most common type of TV that needs repairs)

  • Older plasma TVs built from 2004–2009

  • Projection TVs

  • Digital Light Processing (DLP) TVs

  • LED TVs (this is often a problem when the LED lights break down)

No matter what the problem is, the cost of plasma TV repair depends on the shipping and delivery of parts, labor, and taxes. The cost also varies by region.

Is it worth fixing a cracked TV screen?

Fixing a cracked screen usually means replacing the entire display panel, b replacing the entire TV is often more cost-effective than replacing a cracked screen. Get an estimate from a pro for a screen replacement and compare the cost to newer TV models, especially if you have an older TV.

Are plasma TVs repairable?

Yes, some plasmas and issues can be fixed. Talk to local tv repair services to see if your TV can be repaired.

Do warranties cover cracked screens?

TV warranties generally don’t cover cracked screens or issues caused by damage or accidents. Sometimes, an extended warranty covers repairing or replacing a malfunctioning screen or other defective parts. An extended warranty typically costs 10% to 20% of the cost of the TV. Keep in mind that some warranties are void if you perform your own repairs. 

How should I dispose of a broken TV?

Don’t throw your old, broken TV in the trash. Some trash companies won’t take electronic items, but they are recyclable. Instead of throwing it away, you can take your TV to a recycling facility near you or return it to the manufacturer. Some big-box stores also take electronics and appliances and recycle them for free. 

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