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How Much Is A Home Warranty?

Typical Range: $219 - $1,860

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Home Warranty Cost

A home warranty typically costs $1,039 per year. Average prices fall in the $219 and $1,860 range, but it could cost anywhere from $75 to $7,500, depending on the specific benefits and add-ons. You must pay a $20 to $75 monthly premium to maintain coverage plus a $75 to $125 service fee when you call for repairs.

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Average Home Warranty Cost

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National Average $1,039
Typical Range $219 - $1,860
Low End - High End $80 - $8,000

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Home Warranty Prices

Expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $7,500 for a home warranty. The monthly premium may reach $75 or $900 per year, depending on the type of basic plan you select. Add-ons can drive up the monthly price to well over $150 per month, or $1,800 annually. The rest of the price depends on how many $75 to $125 service calls you need to make throughout the year.

Most companies offer multiple plans that cover your appliances, built-in systems or both. The appliance plans typically include all kitchen and laundry appliances. The built-in system coverage may extend to your HVAC equipment, electrical components and plumbing.

You can then customize your plan with add-on coverage for your swimming pool and spa, well pump and other specialized systems. Many home warranty companies even offer coverage for your electronics.

Cost of Add-Ons for Home Warranties

Add-Ons Price Per Month
Additional Refrigerators $2
Well Pump $8
Roof Leak Repair $8
Central AC System $10
Electronics $18
Pool and Spa $20
Guest Unit $22
Saltwater Pool $35

Homeowners Warranty Cost

As the homeowner, you must pay the average premium of $900 plus the price of all add-ons put on the plan. The seller may cover the premium for the first year as a part of the purchase price of the home. You will then take over paying the monthly bill after that. You must also cover all services fees of up to $125 every time you call a repairman to your home, including during the first year.

Home Warranty Cost to Seller

Expect to pay the full year’s premium of around $900 when you buy a home warranty while selling your home. The coverage either kicks in while your home sits on the market or after closing depending on the plan. Then, coverage continues until the end of the 12-month contract. You can transfer the plan into the homebuyer’s name as a part of the closing process. They will need to cover the service fees if they call out a repairman during that time.

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Home Warranty Cost Per Year

On average, expect to pay around $990 each year for your home warranty. Without add-ons, the monthly premium costs about $50 per month, or $600 annually. The yearly total also includes up to four service calls at $75 to $100 each.

Average Cost of Home Warranties Per Year

Number of Years Price
1 $990
2 $1,980
5 $4,950
10 $9,900

Home Warranty Price Comparison by Company

Home warranties from the major brands range between $400 and $900 for the premium alone. They also charge between $2 and $35 for each add-on service you put on the plan. You can expect to pay $75 to $125 for every service call as well depending on your selected coverage level.

Annual Premium Prices for Home Warranty Companies

Home Warranty Company Yearly Premium Price Range
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty $230 - $540
Cinch Home Services $340 - $480
First American $400 - $525
American Home Shield $600 - $900

Home Protection Plan Cost Factors

Home warranty companies give each customer a custom price quote based on the following factors.

  • Coverage level: Appliance plans cost $20 or more per month, while advanced plans are more
  • Add-ons: Additional coverage adds up to $35 per system to the price of the monthly premium
  • Home size: Homes with more square footage often have additional systems that need coverage
  • Service call fee: Service call fees are typically adjustable, which changes the premium price


What does a home warranty cover?

A basic home warranty usually just covers the appliances in the home. The advanced plans add coverage for built-in systems, like the heating, plumbing and electrical. A home warranty plan usually does not cover garage door openers, spas and central vacuuming systems. Homeowners can purchase add-on coverage that pays for damage and repairs to those items. You can hire a home inspector near you to better understand which appliances and systems need protection.

What’s the difference between a home warranty and insurance?

Insurance only covers damage to the structure of the home due to certain events, like storms, fires and vandalism. Home warranties, on the other hand, cover repairs on appliances and systems that are failing for any reason, including old age. Both are helpful to have after you buy a house.

Are home warranty plans worth the money?

A home warranty is often worth the money since it works with insurance to cover nearly every system and appliance in your home. The warranty makes it easy to get repairs done at a fair price and offers plenty of peace of mind as a result. The service fees can rack up if the home needs a lot of work, but it is still often cheaper than repairing and replacing the broken units out of pocket. For that reason, home warranties are a great asset to have on your side when buying foreclosure homes.

How does a warranty work?

A home warranty offers coverage on the listed items for as long as you pay your premium and renew your annual contracts. You can get help with a broken appliance or other covered system by calling the warranty company’s help line. They will then send out a repair professional to perform repairs, if possible, or determine if replacement is in order. You must pay the service fee each time the repairman comes out to your home, but there are no other costs to cover.

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