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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Tv Antenna?

Typical Range: $112 - $275

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Repairing a TV antenna can be a simple matter of replacing or repairing broken equipment such as cables or elements. However, sometimes an antenna is too old to work properly or is even located in the wrong place. A TV antenna specialist can diagnose the problems and repair or replace the faulty equipment.

How to Know When There Is a Problem

Pixelation, loss of picture, freezing and other problems that affect the picture can be indicative of an antenna issue. However, some of these same problems occur with reception issues, so it is often difficult to tell the difference. Digital reception can be more faulty than analog due to a condition called the "digital cliff." Analog reception would differ depending on how much of a signal was available. Digital provides the same picture regardless of how much signal is available. If there is plenty of signal, small changes won't have an effect on the picture, but if there is just enough signal, a small change could make it unwatchable. Essentially, digital reception is all or nothing, unlike analog where the whole picture came in fuzzy. Compromised digital reception goes in and out to the point that it is not watchable. Repairs to reception, such as general upgrades or amplifiers, cost between $100 and $200.

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Common Antenna Problems

Some common antenna problems include bending and breaking from weather or age, bent, broken or touching elements, damaged cable fittings from corrosion, rodents or weather, weakened signal based on tower locations, interference or overload. Sometimes, the problem is damaged antenna equipment, or it can be related to the location and type of antenna for the area. If a homeowner moves to another area, the original antenna may not be adequate to pick up new TV signals. Troubleshooting an outdoor antenna without professional help can be exceedingly difficult. Actual damage to an antenna or a broken antenna can be repaired for between $160 and $240.

Reasons Not to DIY

Most of the time, troubleshooting an outdoor antenna involves going on the roof and checking connections and equipment. Not everyone is prepared for this kind of risk, so it is better to leave it to a professional. The other problem is that it's difficult to figure out where the antenna problem lies as many of the common problems manifest themselves in similar ways. Significant TV antenna problems are unlikely to be fixed with something simple such as tape or string. Sometimes antenna problems are related to wiring going through the house, which makes access difficult and may raise the cost of the project.

What to Look For in a Repair Professional

When choosing a repair professional, it is best to take a referral if possible. If a referral is not available, look at the company's experience and if they have any reviews. It is important that they have full liability insurance considering the danger of working on a piece of equipment located on a rooftop. A good antenna repair professional can also inform homeowners of the types of antenna that can best serve their location and setup. Not all antennas work the same everywhere. Other than rooftop antennas, houses with attics can sometimes get quality signal by installing an antenna in the attic, which is somewhat easier to access than a rooftop device.

Antenna repair costs can be low with simple repairs such as adding filters, or they can be high to repair direct damage to integral antenna parts.

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