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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Natural Gas Bbq?

Typical Range: $135 - $387

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Although many people utilize natural gas to cool and heat their home, it is not often thought of as an energy source for a BBQ grill. However, natural gas can indeed be used safely and efficiently for a grill. It has a number of benefits over other energy sources, and the cost of installation is relatively cheap.

Benefits of a Natural Gas BBQ

A natural gas grill is an advantage over charcoal and propane barbeque grills in several ways, including the following:

  • Cost: In most regions, natural gas is less expensive than propane. This results in significant cost savings over the lifetime of the grill.
  • Safety: Since natural gas is lighter than air, it rises when used. This eliminates concerns about a dangerous gas buildup in the event of a leak.
  • Convenience: Natural gas provides a constant power supply so that individuals can rest assured that they will be able to complete their grilling. With propane, the tank can empty prior to the completion of cooking a meal. With gas, there is no need to be concerned about uncooked food or dragging around heavy propane tanks.
  • Portability: By using a proper gas hook and a long connection hose, the BBQ grill can be placed virtually anywhere in the yard.
  • Clean Burning: Natural gas burns cleaner than propane, which results in fewer toxins released into food and into the environment.
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    Components of Cost

    Based on the assumption that a home already uses natural gas, there are two primary components of the cost of a natural BBQ grill. These are the cost of the grill itself and the cost of an additional gas line. However, it is not actually necessary to purchase a grill designed for natural gas. Propane grills can work perfectly fine with natural gas by using a conversion kit that generally costs less than $100.

    Gas Grill Barbeque Cost

    The price of a gas grill barbeque varies widely depending on the type of model. A basic gas grill barbeque is usually available for approximately $250 while the deluxe large units with many features can cost upwards of $12,500.

    Additional Gas Line

    A gas line is normally manufactured from steel, stainless steel, or copper, and has variable total costs. However, gas lines generally run about $25 to $75 per foot. When the gas line is installed, it is also recommended that consumers upgrade to a quick connect gas line because they plug in easily and are portable. In addition, quick connect gas lines add a safety feature - many have an on/off switch that can prevent uncontrollable fires.

    Miscellaneous Costs

    For homes that do not already have natural gas, consumers should check for gas availability in their local area. Once gas availability has been determined, a heating contractor will install a gas service line to the home. The cost of the gas service line installation depends on the distance between the home and the gas main. The contractor will also be responsible for obtaining any required permits for the equipment and gas line inside of the home. Although the permit costs vary by location, they are usually not significant.

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