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How Much Does It Cost To Install Trex Decking?

Typical Range: $900 - $2,200

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Trex is an innovative composite decking material that was first introduced in the mid-1990s. A practical alternative to wood, Trex is composed of 95 percent recycled materials -- including items such as reclaimed wood, sawdust, and discarded plastic bags. Trex decking includes a high-performance shell that protects the core composite board from termites and the elements while preventing the material from rotting, warping or splintering -- and the material never needs staining or painting, making it virtually maintenance free.

Trex offers three lines of decking, all of which offer a 25-year limited warranty against material defects.

Trex Select: Trex's lowest decking grade -- Trex Select -- is its most basic and most affordable. The Select line offers an effective mold- and mildew-resistant shell, as well as four color options. It pairs with a standard white railing system.

Trex Enhance: Trex's mid-grade decking -- Trex Enhance -- offers high performance in two colors with fade and stain protection, as well as mold and mildew resistance. Enhance decking pairs well with any of Trex's railing lines and is backed by an additional 25-year limited fade and stain warranty.

Trex Transcend: Trex's highest-grade decking -- Trex Transcend -- offers its broadest range of colors and finishes. It is engineered with a proprietary shell technology that protects against fading, staining, scratching, mold and mildew. And it can be customized and paired with a number of mix-and-match railing options. Trex Transcend is also backed by an additional 25-year limited fade and stain warranty.

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Cost Factors

The cost of Trex decking installation is dependent on several factors. First, decking takes a considerable amount of time and labor. Installation for a 250-square-foot area may cost an average of $8 per square foot; however, prices may be altered when difficult materials and tough-to-reach areas are involved. Second, while Trex is extremely adaptable, installations requiring extra platforms, railing systems, lights and bench seats will increase costs and may be included in an add-on package separate from basic installation. Third, different linings may be used in different climates, which will alter the price. And fourth, seasonal factors such as increased labor costs in the busy summer months and foundational considerations in cooler temperatures -- will factor into final estimates. Given these cost variants, it is advised to refer to a professional when planning a deck installation. On average, however, minimum and maximum installation costs are as follows.

  • Minimum installation cost*: $6 to $8.50 per square foot
  • Maximum installation cost*: $8 to $9.50 per square foot
*depending on quality & location

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Installation Considerations

When considering a Trex decking installation, be sure to consult local building ordinances. Several seaside areas prohibit expansive decking on or near intracoastal lines. And most areas require adherence to decking and railing regulations. Handrail regulations often require 30 to 38 inches of handrail space above top stair tread; spindles may be spaced a maximum of four inches apart.

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Caring for Trex Decking

Trex decking shouldn't be sanded; however, Select, Enhance and Transcend grades can be power washed with a fan tip and pressures up to 3100 PSI. When rust and leaf stains cover surfaces, maintenance may require oxalic or phosphoric acid. Cover the unclean surfaces and let the cleaner sit for approximately 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Oil stains and grease marks may be removed with hot water, and restorative compounds may be also applied. Small areas should be tested first, and areas should be left to dry.

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Popular Decking Accessories

Trex offers accessories to enhance every project. Surface post mount hardware, for example, is available for both concrete and wood surfaces and is popular for pools and patios. Cut rail mounted hardware is also popular, though primarily reserved for special situations such as those in which an 8-foot rail section is best divided into two for-foot rail sections. Trex also offers an extensive variety of trims, fencing, outdoor lighting, furniture and pergolas.

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