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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Security Safe?

Typical Range: $285 - $753

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We all have valuable items that we want to keep safe from burglary, fire or any other natural disasters. These can range from heirloom jewelry to important papers. No matter what the items we want to keep under lock and key, a security safe can add that extra level of peace of mind when you have valuables in your home. You might be curious about what the costs are of installing a security safe. Here are a number of factors that will affect your costs.

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$285 - $753
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$99 - $1,000

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Type of Safe

There are many different types of safes in a variety of price ranges. The price will be determined by a combination of size and how impervious the safe is to breakage, damage, lock tinkering, fire and water. Many safes have fire ratings that show how many hours the safe could be exposed to fire before it will burn. The higher the fire rating, the more expensive the safe. Other safes will guarantee against breakage or the ability of their locks to be picked or tampered with. All of these features will affect your cost. Which features you choose to invest more money into will depend on the value of what you want protected

Location and installation

Security safes can require no installation at all, and can just sit in a room or closet. However, for extra protection you may consider building a separate space, shelf or hidden area to house our safe. You will add costs to your security safe installation if you choose to do any kind of building or remodeling to accommodate your safe

Warranties and Guaranties

A number of companies that manufacture security safes will also provide warranties or guarantees not only for the quality of their product but to cover the costs of anything that might be stolen while using their safe. You may pay more for a safe that carries this kind of warranty, but the extra cost may also mean that you are fully covered if anything were to happen to your valuables as a result of tampering with or breaking into your safe. This extra cost may be worth it in the long run.


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