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How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Alarm Or Security System?

Typical Range: $94 - $257

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Occasionally, home alarms or security systems experience a malfunction/failure and require repair. In general, most home security repair jobs require professional assistance from the alarm company or a specialized repair service. Here are some factors that influence the complexity and cost of such a repair.

How Does a Security System Work?

Many basic systems use circuit breakers or switches installed in doors and windows of the home. When the door or window opens, the circuit is broken and an alarm sounds. The alarm can then be disabled by means of a code entered into a nearby keypad in case of authorized entry. Otherwise, the alarm will persist, alerting neighbors, and if a monitoring system is in place, the police will be contacted. The initial installation or replacement of a security system will cost between $514 to $676 on average.

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Reasons for Repair

These are a few examples of why an alarm system may require repair:

  • False alarms: Essentially, the alarm goes off without any obvious reason, which in some areas can result in fines from local law enforcement.
  • Faulty window alarm contacts: The circuit breakers for one or more windows no longer functions properly.
  • Faulty door alarm contacts: The same as above but for doorway alarm switches.
  • Alarm battery replacement: Systems often run with a battery backup that may need periodic replacement. Additionally, motion detectors need battery changes every one to two years, depending on the type used.
  • Bad power supplies: The main power supply may require replacement, especially if it is an older unit.
  • Annoying alarm beeps: These are difficult to diagnose, but the alarm consistently beeps for no discernible reason. Sometimes, it's as simple as the battery.

Why Hire a Professional

Having security system issues diagnosed and repaired by professionals makes sense in a lot of cases. Oftentimes, the job is too complex for the average homeowner. Why else shouldn't homeowners DIY their alarm system repair?

1. Some repair work associated with security systems is very delicate and requires specialized tools to be certain that the job is done right and that the repair will last. Most homeowners do not own tools for this kind of job.
2. Some stripping and splicing may be necessary to complete repairs. Professionals have the experience and proper equipment to tell a live wire from a safe one and avoid unnecessary electrical shocks a lot more easily than the average homeowner.
3. Setting an alarm off while attempting a repair is relatively easy to do. Professionals are more savvy and can often disable the alarm temporarily to conduct repairs or communicate with the monitoring service to set the alarm in test mode.

Monitored vs. Unmonitored Security Systems

A monitored system goes through a security company that is alerted when the alarm goes off and can help manage situations where the system becomes active, including home-invasions and false alarms.

Unmonitored systems

Homeowners using these systems must test and repair them without prearranged assistance. In this scenario, a homeowner would be advised to contact a specialized repair service for maintenance and repairs, which can be somewhat costly. The cost of maintaining a system is extremely variable.

Monitored systems

These may include free or reduced-cost technical support for maintenance and repair. This makes it easier for a homeowner to keep their system in excellent condition and able to have more confidence in its functionality should an emergency happen. On average, homeowners can expect to pay about $300 per year for monitoring.

All of this influences the potential cost of security or alarm system repair, whether it involves simple battery replacement or full or partial rewiring of the system. Either way, professional repair is the safest option that is most likely to yield quality results.

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