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How Much Does Cedar Shake & Shingle Siding Cost?

Typical Range: $7,000 - $18,000

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Figures above are average costs for 1500 square feet of materials, installation, and old material removal.
For a home with 1,500 sq. ft. of siding, new installation of cedar lap style siding would cost between $7,000 and $18,000 with an average of $12,500 including materials and labor. The grade of the cedar affects material costs while the complexity of your home’s layout will affect installation costs. Materials alone will typically run an average of $5,000 for 1500 sq. ft. You’ll also need to pay for removal and disposal of any old siding. Shake and shingle require more time to install and runs between $9,000 and $23,000.
For a naturally beautiful finish at a reasonable cost, cedar is an excellent choice. It surpasses most types of softwood in durability and rot resistance. When stained, it reveals a deep, rich grain texture. Many homes use a combination of lap or board and batten style with shake or shingle. Consulting a professional installer and exterior designer will help you decide the best design for your home.

Cedar Siding Costs Per Square Foot

Cost depends less on the cedar variety and more on the style. Because of its popularity and regional availability, most U.S. locations carry it. It’s sold by board foot (bf), by 100 sq. ft. bundles, or less often by linear foot (lf). However, project costs are typically figured by the square foot.
TypePer Sq. Ft.
Western Red Cedar$3 - $4.50
Northern White$1.50
Eastern Red$2.50
Yellow (Alaskan)$5
*estimated based on board feet prices and typical thickness of .75 inches. Costs may vary due to thickness. Board feet costs are listed below.
The prices below are typical of clear grades. Economy grades can be found for as much as half the price listed. Clear grades indicate the cedar is free or “clear” of defects such as knots. Most clear grades are slower growth or heartwood. Economy grades tend to be faster growing trees with varying levels of defects such as knots.
  • Western Red Cedar – $4-$6/ board feet – Very popular, it is available throughout North America.
  • Northern White – $1.75/ board feet – popular in the Northeast United States, this cedar is difficult to find outside of the region.
  • Eastern Red (Aromatic) – $3.50/ board feet – this variety is more typically used in closet, humidors, and other indoor settings.
  • Yellow (Alaskan) – $6.50-$7/ board feet – This type of cedar is most often used in musical instruments and boats at a much higher price. Due to the high cost, it is not typically used in homes, though it is always an option for a high-end finish.
  • Spanish – $7/ board feet – Historically a top choice, the lack of availability has driven prices up, making this less favorable for most homeowners.

Shingle Siding Costs

Shingle siding runs between $6.50-$13.75 per square foot for materials and labor. This type of siding traditionally comes in a uniform size and layout. Much like roofing shingles, they follow a regular pattern across your walls. They are installed in horizontal rows, each row offset from the row below. This is the hardest type of siding to add correctly. This work should be left to professionals.

Shake Siding Costs

This type of siding also runs between $6.50-$13.75 per square foot for materials and labor. Shake is much like Shingle in that it mimics shingle roofing. The main difference is layout. Shake siding utilizes varying sizes and lengths to give a classic, rustic look without a uniform pattern. Because of the technical difficulty and waterproofing concerns, a professional installation is highly recommended.
Consult a pro when considering cedar siding
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Other Types

Below are the installation costs of common types cedar siding that don’t come as a shingle or shake.
StylesPer Sq. Ft.
Shake & Shingle$5 - $9.50
Lap (Dutch, Shiplap, Channel, Clapboard)$3.50 - $7
Tongue & Groove$3 - $7
Board & Batten$1 - $2

Lap Styles: Dutch (Clapboard)/Bevel/Channel/ – $5-$10 per square foot

Lap styles are the most popular type. The differences are purely aesthetic. Bevel and Dutch leave the classic overlapping look. Shiplap Channel uses alternating rabbet joints (tongues) on each edge – one wider than the other – that overlap leaving a small channel between each board.

Shiplap – $5-$10 per square foot

This type of lap style is one of the easiest for DIY installations. Shiplap uses overlapping rabbet joints that leave a smooth, watertight finish.

Tongue & Groove – $5-$12 per square foot

Usually thicker than other lap styles, it consists of a groove on one edge and a tongue on the other. The tongue fits into the groove making this ideal for DIY installations.

Board & Batten – estimated $4.5-$9 per square foot

Uses overlapping vertical, rather than horizontal, boards.

Installing Cedar Siding

Average labor costs to install siding run about $36 per hour, though many contractors will figure the total hours needed and provide you with a total project cost. Some may charge by the square foot, though this is less common due to complex layouts, as well as accessibility.

Replacing Siding

Replacing all or some of your siding may be necessary because of age, storm damage, or improper upkeep. Most often, old boards are replaced with cedar for both its durability and appearance. Maintained cedar can last the life of the home. In some cases, new siding can be installed directly over the old siding, eliminating removal and disposal costs.
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Cedar vs. Hardie Board vs. Vinyl

Cedar is an excellent material, but vinyl and fiber cement board have become popular options. Both vinyl siding and fiber cement – or Hardie Board – have very low maintenance costs. Both initial vinyl installation prices and fiber cement installation costs are close to cedar. However, cedar requires regular maintenance, making it an expensive long-term investment. Cedar requires staining every 3-5 years. Both vinyl and fiber cement come in wood grain though you will have to sacrifice the signature look of natural cedar.
Siding Material Cost Comparisons
TypePer 1500 Sq Ft
Fiber Cement (Hardie Board)$10,000

Cost to Stain Cedar Siding

With cedar comes the need to stain your home regularly. It will run between $1.50-$4 per sq. ft. That would be between $2,300-$5,500 for 1500 sq. ft. every 3-5 years. Add $250-$600 for 1500 sq. ft. to your budget to power wash the exteriors before staining. This can be a great DIY project, but if done incorrectly will reduce the life of your siding. Get the job done correctly with a professional painter.

Grades & Typical Measurements

Grades determine the quality of the cedar. Grading categories are not regulated outside of industry associations. Therefore, proprietary grades are often used for marketing purposes. Premium grades are clear of knots and are typically made from older growth and heartwoods. Knotty grades – made from fast growth with knots and other defects – are the cheapest and the most readily available. Visually inspect all siding before purchase.
  • Premium Grades: Clear VG (Vertical Grain), Heart, Clear Heart.
  • Other Premium and Mid Grades: C Select, D Select, Superior, Prime.
  • Knotty Grades: Select Tight Knots (STK), Select Knotty, 2&Better, 3&Better
Measurements vary depending on supplier. Most commonly, it’s priced per square foot. You may still run into some suppliers and lumber yards charging by the board foot or linear feet. Use a board foot calculator or contact a professional to determine the amount you need.
  • Board Foot (bf) is a measure of volume. A board foot is the same as 1 sq. ft. that is 1 inch thick.
  • Linear Foot (lf) is just a straight-line measurement. Often used with standard widths.
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Maintenance Considerations

Not only is it rot resistant and good looking, cedar siding has other benefits. If properly maintained, it’ll last the life of your home. You will need to stain (or paint) every 3-5 years to keep it from drying, cracking, and rotting. Repair damage quickly to protect surrounding boards and underlying materials. If not handled in a timely manner, wood siding repair costs could run you between $500 - $1,500. Also get regular inspections. Finding experienced siding professionals to spot what you may miss can save you thousands in future repairs.
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