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Older fiberglass and ceramic tubs can start to show their age. They develop cracks along the seams and bottom panel. The faucet and drain holes start to rust from long-term exposure. The surface can also yellow. But bathtub repair companies have developed several alternatives to replacing your whole tub. Find a local bathtub repair company that can offer you an easier solution.

Replacing your bathtub isn't as simple as removing the fiberglass shell and installing a replacement. You also have to find contractors to remove the plumbing, take out the tub surround, and put everything back. But bathtub repair companies can reglaze the surface. This makes the surface look like new. Professionals can patch holes and remove the old glaze so the tub has a smooth, gleaming surface. For more serious repairs, they can install a bathtub liner instead. These liners cover the existing tub surface and surround so nothing needs to be removed or replaced except the faucet.

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"Excellent all around! Skip arrived on time. He explained the process and answered my questions before starting the job. He sealed off the bathroom to prevent dust and fumes from spreading. He cleaned up afterward. He explained how to care for the new surface. The result is a sparkling white bathtub that has the effect of making the entire bathroom look brighter. A frequent guest made that same comment. When I explained that the only difference was the reglazing of the tub, they were amazed. The price was right in the middle of the range I expected. I could not recommend Skip higher!"

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Alexandria VA

"The owner came to the house to give me an estimate and I was really impressed with his professionalism. I felt very comfortable hiring his company. Vincent came to the house to repair the grout and caulking in the shower/tub. He did a superb job in the bathrooms and explained everything he was going to do. It was well worth the money spent."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Bristow VA

"My teenager left an undiluted cleaning solution on too long in the bathtub. It ate away at the porcelain causing rust and even parts of the porcelain to chip off. I thought I was going to have to refinish the entire tub. Brian at Miracle Method talked me down off my ledge and told me that if the damage was only done to the bottom of the tub they could put down a non-skid surface and cover the damage for a fraction of the cost of refinishing an entire tub. Charles showed up and completed the work in just an hour. It looks brand new. You can only see the scratches if you know what you are looking for. Great work!"

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Sterling VA

"Woek was quick and clean !"

--4.5 star review from Joseph O. in Centreville VA