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"My teenager left an undiluted cleaning solution on too long in the bathtub. It ate away at the porcelain causing rust and even parts of the porcelain to chip off. I thought I was going to have to refinish the entire tub. Brian at Miracle Method talked me down off my ledge and told me that if the damage was only done to the bottom of the tub they could put down a non-skid surface and cover the damage for a fraction of the cost of refinishing an entire tub. Charles showed up and completed the work in just an hour. It looks brand new. You can only see the scratches if you know what you are looking for. Great work!"

5.0 star review from a homeowner in Sterling VA

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Older fiberglass and ceramic tubs can start to show their age. They develop cracks along the seams and bottom panel. The faucet and drain holes start to rust from long-term exposure. The surface can also yellow. But bathtub repair companies have developed several alternatives to replacing your whole tub. Find a local bathtub repair company that can offer you an easier solution.

Replacing your bathtub isn't as simple as removing the fiberglass shell and installing a replacement. You also have to find contractors to remove the plumbing, take out the tub surround, and put everything back. But bathtub repair companies can reglaze the surface. This makes the surface look like new. Professionals can patch holes and remove the old glaze so the tub has a smooth, gleaming surface. For more serious repairs, they can install a bathtub liner instead. These liners cover the existing tub surface and surround so nothing needs to be removed or replaced except the faucet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a bathtub?

On average, you can expect to pay between $200 and $800 for bathtub repairs. Minor plumbing and surface fixes range between $100 and $300. Refinishing your tub costs between $330 and $600.

Material, ease of access, and the size of the tub all influence repair prices. Major damage may require a full replacement, which costs between $1,050 and $5,600.

Can acrylic bathtubs be repaired?

You can repair your acrylic tub even though the material is relatively inflexible. A crack in the tub doesn't require a new tub, but you do have to be careful. The damage could lead to flexing, which would cause the crack to reappear once you've fixed it. Repairing an acrylic bathtub requires careful steps to fully fix the damage and prevent it from coming back.

What is the most durable material for a bathtub?

Most experts consider cast iron as the most durable bathtub material. It's resistant to chipping, scratching, denting, and even chemicals.

Other durable tub materials include enameled steel, cultured marble and acrylic.

What steps should I take to find a bathtub repair service?

  1. Check out online reviews to ensure quality work.
  2. Secure a visit to give the pro a better sense of the job.
  3. Eliminate contractors who don't ask questions to learn more about the tub.
  4. Ask about insurance, and whether it's active.