Home Elevator Installers Near You

Residential Elevator Companies In Your Area

Home elevators give you greater mobility in a multi-story home. They give your home's inhabitants access to all the floors without compromising safety or obstructing the floor plan. If installing an elevator is the right move for you, find a home elevator company that can handle the job from start to finish.

Local companies can install your elevator quickly so it's ready when you need it. They can also inspect your home and recommend the right model based on your family's unique needs. The best installers offer continuing services, including:

  • Regular maintenance and tune-ups.
  • Emergency call service.
  • Repairs and part replacement in the years following the installation.

Elevators are becoming a more accessible and safe option for homeowners with limited mobility. Type in your zip code and HomeAdvisor will find residential elevator installation services near you.

"It was not my lift, it was my smoke detector beeping. The young man at Area Services pointed the problem out for me. I have his number for future references. I really commended him for being honest with me because he could have came out to service a problem that did not exist and charged me the service charge for coming out. I smile to know that there are still honest people that exist in this world and thank Jesus for sending them my way. "

--5.0 star review from Sharon T. in Capitol Heights MD