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Whether you are an avid gardener or simply want to beautify your home by growing a greener lawn and healthy flowers, then soil testing can be a valuable service. A soil test determines the pH level of the dirt around your home and whether or not it's fertile and can grow plants.

A soil test can also determine whether or not there are dangerous contaminants in the ground that can pose risks to you and your loved ones. Most professionals who conduct tests can find minute amounts of lead, mercury, arsenic, and barium. These materials can cause illnesses and kill plants.

There are also specific soil tests, such as perk tests, that are required for projects like installing a septic system. A perk test (or percolation test) determines if soil can sufficiently absorb liquid flowing into it. In effect, it measures drainage which is not only important for septic system fields, but also foundation design, concrete slab construction, and grading.

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