How to Keep Cold Air Out of Your Vents

By HomeAdvisor

Updated October 18, 2016

Attic vents

Faulty or improperly insulated ducts can keep warm air from heating your home. Here’s what to do if you notice cold air coming from your vents:

Install insulation. Poor insulation causes rapid cooling of the air as it moves through your home. Most pros recommend insulating your ducts up to the floor vents. If you’re unsure how to locate your ducts or apply insulation, call a professional.

Check connections. Over time, the connections in your ductwork can come loose. Hire an HVAC specialist to check your ducts for bad joints, holes and other leak-causing problems. 

Update your HVAC. Older HVAC systems are less efficient and require more upkeep than modern models. Speak to an HVAC specialist about installing a new system or finding new ways to improve your current setup.

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