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Hiring an interior designer is a simple way to achieve magazine-quality décor. Regardless of the scope of your project, an interior designer will have the skills necessary to bring your dream décor to life.

As you begin to look for an interior designer, make sure that your design goals are easily shareable. A defined direction for your interior design will help you communicate with designers and ensure that you choose the right pro. Here are three tips to help you finalize your plans and hire the best designer for your home:

#1 Budget: Your budget will guide your interior design from start to finish. If you’re working with limited funds, consider a little do-it-yourself — the Internet is a wonderful source for DIY decorating tips. If you have the funds to hire an interior designer, expect to spend around $4,248 for their services. 

#2 Your Home: An interior designer’s role in updating your home’s décor will vary depending on your situation (e.g., — decorating your entire home will require a different skill set than a remodel or one-room project). Before hiring a designer, make sure you understand the extent of your design.

  • Complete redesign: Decorating your entire home is a substantial undertaking. If you’re planning a total overhaul, share your décor ideas with your interior designer. Design elements like color schemes, furniture designs and overarching themes will help your designer deliver your desired look.
  • Remodel: If your interior design requires a bit of remodeling, be sure to communicate the extent of your project with your designer. During a remodel, you’ll also be working with a contractor. Make sure to sit down with your contractor and interior designer to discuss the structural and aesthetic details of your remodel.
  • One room: If you’re redecorating one room in your home, organization is key— decorating a guest bedroom is much different than decorating a kitchen. Research your room’s requirements and have those details on hand when speaking to a designer. 

#3 Your designer: Once you’ve settled on your project size and budget, it’s time to think about your pro. When looking at interior designers, expect all levels of experience and price. While these factors are extremely important in your design, it’s most essential than you and your designer see eye-to-eye on style. If your designer doesn’t share your vision, your décor will be a mess. To ensure that your designer’s style is appropriate for you home, consider these factors while interviewing pros:

  • Portfolio: Make sure that the work you see in a potential designer’s portfolio meets your design expectations.
  • Past clients: Always ask for a referral. An interior designer’s work may be outstanding, but if they’re a nightmare to work with, beware.
  • Project Size: Make sure that your interior designer is comfortable working on projects the size of your project.
  • Free consultations: If your designer looks good on paper, ask for a free consultation. Many designers will come to your home to assess your job in person (free of charge).

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