These days, more and more homeowners are becoming aware of the dangers of chemical pesticides. They can pose a health risk to you, your family, and pets, and can kill off insects that actually help your plants. Also, they may eventually find their way into our water table, where they can cause even more trouble. There are, however, alternatives to such products that are chemical-free as well as highly effective, and the demand for organic pest control products is on the rise. Organic pest control companies are also finding the average homeowners more interested in their services. Here are a few things to think about concerning chemical-free insect control, and descriptions of several common pest control methods that are quickly gaining popularity among the environmentally conscious.

Simple Organic Pest Control Methods

In the past, getting rid of garden insects was simply a matter of finding the chemical that killed the most bugs with the fewest applications. However, this technique has proven to be rather detrimental to not only the pests, but to the plants, animals, and even humans around the treated area. Today, organic pest control companies are finding far less harmful methods of keeping unwanted bugs out of our gardens, and many of these techniques are extremely easy to understand and employ.

  • Using traps is one method that organic pest control companies are happy to champion. Though the idea of trapping insects is kind of a no-brainer, the former method of chemical extermination took the focus off trapping for quite some time. Traps designed to capture specific insects are now available and are becoming more effective all the time; removing one species of insect from a designated area is much better for the environment than killing off everything with a chemical spray.
  • Choosing local plants is another great idea that is easy on the environment. Some plants are naturally resistant to the pests in specific areas, and when you include such plants in your garden, not only are they likely to grow well despite the local insect population, they will also require less water, fertilizer, and attention overall!
  • Choosing resistant plants is another organic pest control method that is catching on. Some varieties of insect simply don’t want to eat specific types of plants; by planting species that the local bug population finds unappealing (and avoiding species that local insects consider a delicacy), you can greatly reduce pest problems throughout the growing season.

Use Caution with Organic Pest Control Products

While the growing demand for organic pest control products is producing some pretty amazing alternatives to the harmful chemicals used in the past, it is important to be aware that a “natural” product is not necessarily a safe product to use in every situation. The directions and warnings labeled on organic pest control products are there for a reason, so read them carefully!

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Organic Pest Control Companies

If you want the benefit of a bug-free garden (or even a bug-free home) but want to avoid both the dangers of chemical products and the hassle of doing it yourself, organic pest control companies are ready to take the job off your hands. Organic pest control companies are well-versed at combating specific pest problems and doing it without causing damage to the environment around you; in many cases, their services are comparable to those of conventional pest control companies, but the price the environment has to pay is much, much lower.

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