The HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Index

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The HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Index serves as the definitive monitor in the home improvement industry to track business confidence among trade professionals and small businesses. The Index provides insights on new business leads and inquiries, volume and quality of job backlog, labor availability and costs, government and regulatory climate and the economy. The Index is informed by a quarterly survey of thousands of home professionals and small businesses across 13 business categories including remodelers, carpenters, painters, plumbers and roofers. Additional insights are provided by Brad Hunter, HomeAdvisor’s Chief Economist.

HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Report


  • The online survey was administered from September 37th to November 7th.
  • The sample for the study included 697 respondents across various construction and remodeling trades within the five industry segments.
  • A majority (96%) of the sample were HomeAdvisor panelists.
  • Respondents must have been at least 21 years old
  • Each respondent must have done at least 50% of their work on residential projects.
  • Remodelers and general contractors had to do a majority of their work in the remodeling space (at least 51%).