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Tips on Measuring for Sheet Vinyl

To determine a floor’s square footage, multiply length times width. When measuring, round off inches to the nearest foot. For irregularly shaped floors, divide them into individual sections, calculate the square feet in each one, and then add them together.

Homeowner Tip – Sheet vinyl, like carpeting, is normally sold by the square yard. The flooring cost calculator will automatically convert your square foot measurements into square yards.


  1. Diane Rudd, July 22:

    I’m trying to figure out how much vinyl sheet flooring I need. The vinyl is 12′ wide. The room is 12.75 x 14.25.

  2. Lorraine Bryck, August 1:

    Im trying to figure out how much vinyl sheet flooring I need the vinyl is 13’x2″ wide my room is 16′ x 7′

  3. Diane Fizzell, October 23:

    I measured approximately 445.42square ft does this equal 50 square yards? How much would it cost for vinyl plank flooring at $3.79/square yards?

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