Kodiak Company LLC

5709 Laubert Rd, Atwater, OH 44201
(330) 947-2461
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Kodiak has been serving Ohio and surrounding states for 17 years. Our amazing attention to detail helps us provide excellent customer service for any job, and we are looking forward to serving you.

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Recent Job Requests for Demolition Companies in Atwater, OH:

Project: Demolish and Remove Structures
Location: Atwater, OH
Date: 02/2017
Comment: There was a fire in 2013 in this home its considered a total loss. We actually expected it to fall down as its a modular / manufactured home and has been abandoned since declared a total loss. I am more interested in just getting it knocked down and having the remains pushed into the crawl burnt and covered with dirt than I am worried about having it taken away. I am more interested in BullDozer work than anything and I don't foresee this taking long to knock the structure down.

Project: Demolish and Remove Structures
Location: Atwater, OH
Date: 09/2016
Comment: I would like a quote to demo mobile home. shed and porch and remove.